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How is it done?

Scalp micropigmentation involves placing minute particles of natural and synthetic iron oxide colour pigment about a millimetre below the skin’s surface using a hand-piece which holds a sterile disposable needle.

It is an instantly effective, non-surgical hair loss solution which involves a detailed tattooing process. The tattoos create the illusion of a fuller and denser head of hair. The treatment can be used to improve the appearance of the patient at any stage of hair loss.

Scalp micropigmentation is most commonly used to create the appearance of a full head of shaven hair. Here at Crown Clinic, we specialise in camouflaging scarring and increasing the density. The pigment is applied to the affected areas of the scalp, blending seamlessly with the existing hair to create a perfect head of cropped hair. The end result is a full, natural and realistic looking hair.

Does Scalp Micropigmentation work for thinning hair?

Yes - scalp micropigmentation can also be used to markedly improve the appearance of thinning hair. If the patient still has a considerable covering of natural hair, interspersed with bald patches, for instance around the crown, the pigment can be applied through the hair – darkening the scalp and creating the effect of a fuller head of hair.

Can Scalp Micropigmentation be used to cover up scars on the scalp?

Yes. Hair transplant patients opting for the traditional FUT (follicular unit transplantation) procedure, also known as strip surgery, are left with scarring where the strip of skin is removed from the scalp to obtain the donor grafts. This is why we do not recommend a FUT procedure for patients with short or shaved hair because this scarring is visible on the scalp. The scarring is not visible to the naked eye for patients who wear their hair longer. However, the scarring can be covered up scalp micropigmentation. Using carefully applied layers of pigment through the scarring to cover it up.

Around 80% of Crown Clinic patients opt for the more modern hair transplant technique – FUE (follicular unit extraction). This is where the donor grafts are removed individually, rather than in one strip of skin with FUT, and the scarring for FUE is minimal, lasting only a few days before disappearing. There is no lined scar on the scalp from FUE.

How long will it take?

The length of a patient’s hair loss treatment will depend on the size of the area that needs to be treated. For small areas it can take from one hour. However, if a larger area is to be treated it could take longer.

Is the hair loss treatment painful?

No. However, your comfort throughout the treatment is important to us. We can offer to reduce any discomfort by numb the area with an effective topical anaesthetic cream prior to beginning the treatment (available upon request).

Will the effect be permanent?

The hair simulation treatment is semi-permanent. This means it should last between one and five years.

How much will it cost?

Prices start from £1500 subject to an assessment and how many sessions will be required.