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Reviews From A Leading UK Hair Transplant Clinic

AW, Durham

Firstly I would like to thank Dr Shahmalak and all his team who were absolutely fantastic!

From the day of my consultation to 11 days after surgery they’ve been excellent.

On my initial consultation with Dr Shahmalak I immediately felt at ease. He was very friendly and I could tell that he only had my best interest at heart. The consultation was very informative and I left the clinic excited for my surgery.

On the day of my surgery, I felt nervous (fear of the unknown I suppose).  However, I shouldn’t have. Dr Shahmalak and his team made me feel very comfortable and continually explained the procedure throughout the day.

11 Days on and all the scabs have been removed, I have no redness or swelling around either the donor or recipient site. I haven’t experienced any pain or discomfort since the surgery and to be honest it’s not obvious that I’ve even had surgery at all.

The whole experience has been fantastic! And like most situations in life…. Your imagination is worse than the event itself.

The staff are always on hand to answer any questions after surgery. Overall, I strongly recommend that if anyone is considering having a hair transplant that Crown Clinic is the place to go. I was really happy with my experience and cannot wait to see my results in a few months.

AJ, Shrewsbury

I was very happy with my overall experience with Crown Clinic. My initial consultation was relaxed and informative. I was given a lot of information and also felt able to ask as many questions as I needed to, all of which were answered fully.

Mr Shahmalak was polite and friendly.

I was encouraged to call if I had any more questions which I did, and they were answered during the call.

For the surgery I was put up in a very nice hotel just down the road.

On the day of surgery, everything felt very organised and well run. The environment was clean and the team were very friendly and professional. I felt well looked after all day.

The post op instructions were made clear to me and I left with a bag of everything I might need. I was advised how to contact the clinic if I needed to (I didn’t) and received a call after about 10 days to check on me.

RH, Preston

After extensive research into which clinic I would choose to have my procedure done. It was clear that the Crown Clinic Manchester stood out as one of the best in the country.

After my consultation with Dr Shahmalak I was even more confident I had made the correct choice. I was not pressured into what treatment I should have done, but instead was given a professional opinion into what would suit my needs.

The day of the procedure ran so smoothly and I was impressed with how friendly and professional Dr Shahmalak and his team were.

SH, Barrow-in-Furness

I cannot thank Dr Shahmalak enough for everything they have done for me at the Crown Clinic.

From booking the initial consultation over the phone to the lunch that was served to me on the day of my surgery, was excellent from start to finish.

A big thank you to Dr Shahmalak for the work he carried out on me and his pre and post op explanations of everything.

Also to Afshan for the assistance with the hotel and payment.

Finally to Rosa, Aparna and Alex for making me laugh throughout the surgery.

DG, Lancashire

I was unsure if my hair loss could be address but at the initial consultation Dr Shahmalak was very positive. Dr Shahmalak explained the procedure really clearly and honestly. I was not pressurised at all and was encouraged to take time to think. I booked for FUE and the day ran exactly how Dr Shahmalak explained at consultation. It’s early days but I am very pleased with the results so far. I am very happy with the service and care I received from Dr Shahmalak and all his staff and would recommend the clinic to anyone considering hair loss treatment.

CO, Wales

Well I definitely made the right decision when choosing Crown Clinic to carry out my hair transplant procedure. At my initial consultation I met with Dr Shahmalak and his professional yet friendly manner immediately put me at ease. The consultation was very informative and I left the clinic excited for my surgery.

On the day of my surgery Dr Shahmalak and his team were absolutely fantastic! I was reassured and made comfortable throughout my procedure and I cannot praise the entire team enough for the care and attention they provided me.

For anyone thinking of having a hair transplant I would not hesitate recommending Crown Clinic.

A huge thank you to Dr Shahmalak and his amazing team for a five star quality service. Truly outstanding!

RR, Essex

I’m delighted with my Crown Clinic experience – I could not have asked for more! I was impressed with the standard of professionalism and efficiency of every team member. The entire process was hassle-fee: the overnight accommodation was lovely + the procedure itself complete in just 4 hours. I was treated with dignity and respect at all times, was well looked-after, and received regular meals/drinks (my lunch was lovely + filling). The facilities were outstanding; I appreciated my own private room in which I could relax during breaks (complete with fully-stocked fridge + TV) and the standard of cleanliness was second-to-none – the facilities were spotless! I have considered hair restoration surgery for a number of years (and visited a number of clinics), but only Afshan + Asim were able to give me the confidence + reassurance I was looking for (and it takes a lot for me to feel this way, so that’s saying a lot about how well I was treated). Once I’d made the decision to go ahead, I didn’t doubt at any point that Crown Clinic was the right choice. I won’t hesitate for a second to recommend you in the future. Thank you.

NS, Essex

The whole experience has been superb. This is a key and personal thing to undertake quite an emotional decision even at my age (53). The care, attention and ‘friendship’ has been elementary, I cannot stress enough how superbly technical and precise the whole thing has been. I cannot recommend Crown Clinic enough and cannot wait to see my results come through in a few months. So far so very good.

AF, Ashton-Under-Lyne

The whole process from initial consultation to the actual procedure + aftercare was excellent.

Having the surgery was a big decision but Dr Shahmalak guided me through with a very pleasant and light hearted humour, which made me feel relaxed and secure.

Nothing was too much effort and you felt that your welfare was their single focus.

I would, and have, strongly recommended Crown Clinic

PB, Farnborough

My initial consultation was with Mr Shahmalak in Harley Street. I have a birthmark across the top of my head and thought I would not be able to have a transplant. Mr Shahmalak examined me and assured me that I could have a transplant. He explained the procedure from start to finish. If I had any questions between my appointment and the procedure Ms Shafi was always there to answer them for me.

The Crown Clinic was amazing. Mr Shahmalak, Ms Shafi, technicians, nurses and reception, were very informative and professional. They have made my dream come true and I cannot thank them enough for making my journey through this procedure easier for me.