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Calum Best came to the Crown Clinic because he had been losing his hair since his early 20s and he felt a hair transplant would boost his confidence.

As well as being the son of the late Manchester United soccer legend George Best, Calum is a successful actor and TV presenter with his own fragrance range.

He knows that he needs to look good to stay ahead.

Our pictures show how Calum’s hairline was transformed by having 1,200 grafts (amounting to 1,850 individual hairs) moved from the back of his scalp to the front.

Calum said: “I am so pleased I had it done. I was fed losing losing my hair and wanted to look good.

“You only need to see how much better people like Wayne Rooney, James Nesbitt and Gordon Ramsay look after having similar operations.”

Calum’s dad George had a full head of hair and he doesn’t believe his baldness is hereditary.  He said he began losing his hair because he damaged it by using peroxide too much in his teens. He also suffered from traction alopecia by pulling his hair back too tightly into a ponytail  in his early 20s - the Croydon Facelift look also once favoured by Cheryl Cole and Katy Perry.

Like Rooney, Calum had a follicular transfer where individual hair grafts were moved from the side of his scalp to his hairline.

Calum had his operation at the Crown Clinic in October (2012) and it will take between six months to a year for the full effect of the transplant to show.


Calum once earned up to £20,000 a day working as a model for top fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. Most recently he has turned to acting and he is starring in two new movies.

He admitted that losing his hair had hit his confidence, especially at auditions and castings. He said: “You drop your head to look at your phone and you are thinking all the time, ‘Are they looking at my bald spot?’

“It really affects your confidence. You find it hard to concentrate fully, because you are worried that they will be noticing your hair."

“I have also reached the stage in my life where I am much more relaxed about how people view me."

“I am happy to admit that I’ve had this done. “

He was surprised when he discovered he was losing his hair at such a young age.

He said: “My old man always had great hair and there is no obvious baldness on my mum Angie’s side.

“I think a big factor was all the peroxide I used on my hair in my teens. I was dying it all the time – blue, purple, you name it. It was the cool thing to do when I was growing up.  I also had long hair for a period and used to pull it back tight into a ponytail."

“I don’t think that helped.”

George Best died when Calum was 24 – just at the time he began losing his hair.

Calum said: “If he was about now, he would definitely be taking the mickey out of me losing my hair in a good natured way. But he would also be the first person to support me in having this operation.”

Calum, who lives in Chelsea, West London, is currently single after previously dating a string of well-know celebrities including Lindsay Lohan and Lizzie Jagger.

He said: “There is no one special in my life – hopefully having a full head of hair will help me to find her.”

Dr Shahmalak said men could hasten baldness by using too much peroxide in their hair and also by wearing a tight ponytail.

Dr Shahmalak explained: “You only have to look at Naomi Campbell – she has suffered traction alopecia, just like Calum."

He said 30% of men begin losing their hair in their early 20s like Calum, Wayne Rooney and Prince William.

While drugs like Propecia can halt the onset of hair loss, only a hair transplant can restore the hairline.

Dr Shahmalak has seen a 25% rise in bookings from men in their 20s since Rooney went public.

He said: “Baldness can shatter a man’s confidence. Wayne being so open showed there was no stigma attached to getting treatment.

“More men like Calum are realising that they can transform their lives with a simple operation.”