Dr PM, Devon

I had been considering a hair transplant for some years after observing a gradual but obvious thinning of hair mass from my early 40s onwards. I firstly made contact with the Crown Clinic, after reading various reviews and magazine articles I found on the internet. What helped me decide to choose the Crown Clinic was that some of the reviews were endorsed by creditable professionals and also the professional reputation of the surgeon.

My first telephone contact with the clinic was with Ms Afshan Shafi the Clinic Patient Co-ordinator, I found her manner to be professional, balanced, with a depth of knowledge, not pushy but with gentle guidance, enabling me to make a considered decision in my own time after considering all the various options.

For the next stage I visited the London clinic for my initial consultations with Mr Shahmalak. The clinic was busy on the day I attended. For me it was far too busy, too many people, which concerned me a little. However the consultation itself was straight forward, Mr Shahmalak was very concise and objective with the information and recommendations, and answered all my questions to my satisfaction. The 2nd part of the consultation was also very useful with Ms Afshan Shafi, explaining the practical process of attending eith the London or Manchester clinics, and additional requirements such as travel logistics to and from the clinic, what happens on the day, and arranging appropriate over-night accommodation.

The day of my surgery at the Manchester clinic was very well organized and the clinic was very well presented. Mr Shahmalak went through the procedure and post procedure care plan in detail, and eased any concerns that I may have had. The whole team were very professional, efficient and sensitive to my needs during the day. I was supported and kept comfortable by the whole team as the surgery progressed and as I relaxed in the clinic at the end of the day.
Mr Shahmalak kindly agreed to see me the next day to undergo a post operation check and gave reassurances that all had gone well, and provided additional information to assist me with my post-operative care plan.

The clinic post-op information pack was very detailed and very useful as I recovered. I followed the plan rigorously, and in my case everything went as per the plan described, with no unexpected problems, and I returned to work after a week.

Overall I am very happy with the whole process and would be happy to return again.

GM, Leicester

On my initial phone call I felt I am going to be in professional hands after speaking to Afshan. Mr Shahmalak and his team keep you relaxed, they are very caring on the day of the procedure they made me feel you were at a party with old friends.
With your own room and refreshments, I was asked on a scale of 1-10 the pain I was experiencing, it was hard to say even 1. So anyone who has been thinking of a procedure go for it. It’s whole package of the team that makes the day.
PS: just waiting to se the results.

GAD, Cumbria

Starting with the initial consultation I was made to feel very welcome, everyone was so friendly and they were happy to answer all my questions. There was no pressure to proceed to getting a transplant, in fact I was told to go away and think about it first, but I was so impressed I knew I wanted it to be done here, so paid my deposit to secure my booking. I was given clear, concise information to read in the meantime regarding pre and post op, and the procedure itself so I wasn’t going in to this blind. I was also given a business card so I could ring with any other questions/concerns I may have, and I did call, several times and I was always dealt with in a friendly and helpful manner which was nice as it put my mind at ease rather than have all of these unanswered questions in my head. Then I was called a day before my procedure to check that I was ok and to remind me of what to bring along, and what to/not to do, also to see if I had any lingering concerns.

The day of my surgery I admit I was very nervous, but the whole team put my mind at rest, especially Dr Shahmalak who ran me through what we would be doing step by step and again asking me if I had any questions, and assured me that I would be fine.

I honestly can’t fault anything, from start to finish. The place was immaculate, I was waited on hand and foot, given plenty of refreshments, dinner provided, and was told if I wanted anything just to say, eg, toilet break, glass of water etc.

My nerves just washed away with every minute I was in their care, I was even given a choice of movies to watch to pass the time. At no point did I feel uncomfortable or ignored. There was constant interaction between them and me, asking if I was comfortable, if I needed anything and keeping me informed of what they were doing, so I was never lying there thinking ‘what’s happening?’

It honestly didn’t feel like an emotionless, professional relationship like you get when you go to your GP or the hospital, they really made me feel like a person, not a number, by the end of the day I felt like Dr Shahmalak was more like a good friend rather than a Dr, and his team was lovely and very attentive.

I came out of the clinic feeling like I was on cloud nine, my confidence restored in a matter of hours after nine years of worrying about my hair, I’m over the moon. I haven’t just been hurried out the door for someone else either, I’ve actually been invited back to the clinic the day after surgery in order to make sure that I’m ok, that I’ve had no ‘rare’ side effects and for any questions about post-op hair care. In addition to this I’ve also given pre-op products and information on what to do and when, all explained thoroughly to me. They’ve done a brilliant job and I’m looking forward the coming weeks/months when I can fully appreciate their work. Hopefully that’s me sorted now, but if I ever needed any touching up and/or advice, I’d go back there in a heartbeat. Thanks so much for helping me and restoring my confidence. I’d recommend you to anyone seeking a hair transplant.

AS, London

Dear all at Crown Clinic,
I can only say thank you for your help, concern and priority. You left me at complete ease. Dr, you were fantastic and all the staff were relaxed and thoughtful and at times even fun considering the situation. Once again, I am so happy I chose Crown Clinic for my FUE.

MM, Belfast

Staff was very friendly and kind, they also made me laugh. The girls did an excellent job as well as Asim. I would recommend the clinic to friends and family. Thank you so much ☺

RM, Belfast

Hi guys,
I just want to say first of all a big thank you to Dr Shahmalak. He did a great job! And an especially big thank you to all the girls who worked with me and looked after me throughout day! They were really awesome and made me feel totally comfortable throughout the day.

SC, Stockport

Many thanks for your extremely professional efficient & friendly service. A comfortable experience and environment. Highly recommend to others.

EG, Manchester

I am 27 years old and I have been suffering from hair loss the last couple of years (noticeably!) It had affected my confidence drastically. I have always been confident with the way I look and then hair loss kicked in. But soon as I visited Crown Clinic it felt right for me. Great people, very warm an friendly. My concern was, I needed to feel reassured I don’t end up looking worse etc. Asim knew my concerns and explained everything in detail. It has only been 10 days but I feel more confident because I know the end result going to be good because of Asim and his expertise.

AW, Oldham

The Crown Clinic made me feel totally at ease and explained the procedure in a professional, efficient and friendly manner. The procedure was straightforward with very little after pain.

JO, Durham

Absolutely perfect and caring from first telephone call which both put me at ease and fully informed me the entire journey was professional, caring and top quality.
Both yourself Asim and all the staff are more than excellent.
The day of the operation/procedure was smooth controlled without any discomfort and I have to say a lot of fun with the team working to make me feel comfortable and relaxed.
The outcome – perfect and makes a lot of difference to me personally – excellent.
I wish I had had it completed 10 years ago.
Thank you all so so much.