GC, Leeds

The consultation was Dr Asim Shahmalak was very informative, he put me at ease and was very polite. He explained how everything would go on the day of the procedure and he understood my needs and what I was hoping to achieve on the day of the procedure. I chose the Crown Clinic after I had read about the successful procedures that had been carried out by Dr Shahmalak. After researching about hair restoration and the FUE procedure since 2009, I knew that the Crown Clinic was the place where I wanted my procedure done.
It has been a big deal for me and I have spent many years thinking about the FUE procedure done, but I was always apprehensive and scared to actually have it done. That was until I visited the Crown Clinic where I was reassured and my mind was finally made up after six years of worrying.
I have travelled all over the country and spoke to many hair restoration surgeons. But none of them seemed to be as thorough or as polite as Dr Shahmalak. I am really glad that I chose to have the FUE procedure done at the Crown Clinic in Manchester, which was also convenient for me as it isn’t too far from my home in Leeds and it is an easy location being that it is close to Manchester Airport so travelling was no problem.
On the day of the procedure I was welcomed and greeted with a nice cup of coffee, I was then shown to my own private room where I could read and relax before the procedure, there was also a range of free refreshments in the room.
All the staff and the hair technicians in the surgery room were all some of the nicest people that I’ve ever met. I was worried about having to have all my hair shaved off as I didn’t want people at work knowing that id had the hair transplant done. So one of the lovely technicians made sure that only the back and sides of my hair were shaved and blended in nicely. Ten days later when I returned to work nobody even noticed that I had hair shaved short at the back and sides as it had grown back nicely.
In the surgery room I actually had a good laugh with all the lovely ladies that were working alongside Dr Shahmalak. Even though my fear is of needles I was quickly made comfortable and that calmed me down.
I was able to sit and watch films on the iPad that was set up for me and I also watched movies on the flat screen television which was very nice. There was no pain during the procedure, just a short bit when the anaesthetic was administered but that was something that was easy to deal with.
I was then given a break during the procedure and I was given a choice of what I would like for lunch. I was made a lovely salmon sandwich, and a nice cup of tea and some juice. The whole day went by so quick, I guess I was having fun! I actually didn’t want the day to end as it was a real good laugh with Dr Shahmalak and all his technicians.
I was given a aftercare pack to take home & given all the necessary instructions of what to do post op. The day after the procedure I was contacted by the staff at Crown Clinic to see how I was doing, which I found to be very nice and comforting to receive the telephone call. It didn’t take too long for me to heal post surgery and ten days later I returned to work as my job is labour intensive. Since my procedure many people at work have already commented what I look different and I have been asked what it is that I’ve done to look different. I have also had comments on how much thicker my hair looks already after only three months after the procedure. I am very happy so far and already my confidence boosted which has made my day to day life more fulfilled. I am looking forward to visiting the Clinic in October to have my results assessed. I would like to say a massive thank you to the Crown Clinic, to Dr Shahmalak and to all of his staff and technicians.
Kindest regards,

TG, London

Dr Shahmalak was incredibly friendly and helpful. I felt very welcome and extremely well looked after on the day of the procedure. I would certainly recommend to others.

LF, Leicestershire

From the first moment I made contact with Crown Clinic I knew it was the right place for me + my transplant/s.
Dr Shahmalak, Afshan (Clinic Manager) and the team of assistants were/are professional, caring and great at putting you at ease.
At present I am in the early stages of post surgery, however my recovery is going well. It was made very clear to me that if I had any concerns/questions in regards to my recovery/progress that I should not hesitate to contact the clinic.
An ‘anxious’ time/experience has been made so much easier + more manageable by a fantastic set of professionals.

GS, Barnsley

From the initial consultation to the completion of the procedure Mr Shahmalak and all his team were superb. If I need anymore treatment in the future I will be using the Crown Clinic.

JH, West Midlands

Happy so far. Dr Shahmalak was professional, friendly and made me feel confident about the procedure. I was apprehensive on the day but all went well. The team were friendly and helped pass the time. I noticed the attention to cleanliness. The only discomfort was the anaesthetic injections. The 2-3 days post op were a little difficult e.g. sleeping, spraying and washing but other than that no problems. 2 weeks on and everything good so far!

DF, Essex

I am in my mid-50s and have been losing my hair for over 20 years. I didn’t want to shave my head as I have a high forehead and feared how I might look. I always wanted to do something about my baldness, but never thought a transplant would really work.

My wife became aware that Christian Jessen had had a hair transplant which she thought looked very natural. She researched it and booked me an appointment at Crown Clinic with Dr Asim Shahmalak.

At my consultation Dr Shahmalak examined my head, fully explained the options available and what results could be expected. He encouraged me to ask any questions which he answered honestly and openly. He advised me that I would needs 2 transplants approximately 8 months apart. I decided to do the front of the head first.

On the day of surgery I was felling a little apprehensive. However, on arrival I was warmly greeted by Dr Shahmalak and Afshan Shafi (Clinic Manager), who put me at ease. They made it very clear that today was all about me and nobody else. I was well looked after throughout the day. Nothing was too much trouble. Afshan even checked me onto my flight, printed my boarding pass and wrote a letter for airport security regarding the metal skin staples and liquid saline that I was carrying.

Before starting Dr Shahmalak took me through the procedure step by step as well as explaining the full aftercare process.

Throughout the operation, which lasted approximately 6 hours, I was kept fully informed of the progress and regularly asked how I was feeling.

After completing the strip removal and the incisions in the donor site, the skilled team of technicians then got to work on preparing the hairs and inserting them into the tiny incisions.

The work concluded successfully around 3.30pm. At this point I was taken through the aftercare process again and provided with the medication and a daily checklist to ensure nothing is forgotten.

Throughout the entire process I found Dr Shahmalak, Afshan and the team of technicians to be thoroughly professional. The entire end to end service was first class and I cannot fault any aspect of the care I received.

I cannot thank Dr Shahmalak and the team enough for a job well done.

DD, Manchester

So far the experience has been good and I hope the results pleasing. I have previously used Farjo before. They are very good, have a fancy practice and some great machines. But the approach and communication was fragmented.
Dr Asim was warm and friendly and clear from the start. He discussed a long term plan which pleased me and “listened” to my concerns and questions.

Look forward to the results and also working in the future.

MZA, Liverpool

From my initial consult back in 2013, I have been looked after by the team at Crown Clinic. I feel that they have always looked out for my best interests. Having listened to Mr Shahmalak’s advice, I underwent my surgery in 2016 – I feel this was the correct decision and greatly look forward to seeing the results. Both pre and post op advice was detailed, informative and easy to follow Mr Shahmalak and his team are all friendly, approachable, willing and able to answer all the questions. My overall experience of Crown Clinic has been extremely positive and highly recommendable.

GJ, Holyhead

Consultation - very informative and professional – clinic spotless and clean with well presented staff.

Procedure – Overall pain 3 (0-10). Well planned and very nice polite staff showing serious dedication in their disciplines. Mr Shahmalak is a fantastic surgeon well able to commit to peoples hair problems.
Many thanks Sir.

UK, Kent

Excellent experience, wonderful service, splendid staff. Was looked after very well, worth coming from Kent for the treatment. Surely will be recommending to others. Postoperative instructions/supply of medication was icing on the cake.