RR, Essex

Dear Crown Clinic,

Please see below feedback for the time spent under your care:

Well, how do I begin to describe my experience from the initial consultation to the day after the surgery! Let me start with Dr Shahmalak himself. When I bought into the whole procedure I was really buying into the doctor himself. His ‘bedside manner’ is something that’s lost on many doctors these days and to his credit, the manner in which I was spoken to was the single biggest driving factor to agreeing to proceed with the surgery. I was sceptical prior to the consult as many cosmetic procedures promise the earth and deliver very little however, I wasn’t promised miracles just a realistic chance of attaining some level of satisfaction when looking in the mirror again. Listening to the stories of Dr Shahmalak’s early career during my time there made me realise it’s a great loss to the NHS that he decided to leave. I’ve only ever met a couple of doctors who make you feel that comfortable and he’s one of them. You get what you pay for in life and when it comes to your own body, why you would risk everything on a lesser, cheaper option is beyond me.

The follow up discussions mainly took place with Afshan who although is a little more formal/serious than the Dr, is still very good and instilling confidence in a very nervous patient. Realistically any potential candidate must go through the same thought process as I did, ‘could this make things worse, will the outcome be worth the financial impact, will everyone notice and ridicule me for this just as much as losing my hair?’, all these things passed through my mind and Afshan helped me remove these reservations. To her credit she played her role excellently and her input was valuable.

In the time between the consultation and surgery I kept in regular contact with the Clinic (Afshan & Joanne) both of whom never got frustrated with me continuing with an onslaught of questions. Joanne was particularly good and always happy to help me. Again another amazing member of the team, long may she stay there.

On to the actual surgery. The process with hotel accommodation is ideal and eliminates much of the stress the day before. In my case I also had an additional night which was greatly needed due to the distance and highly appreciated. On the day , from the second I arrived, I felt relaxed and welcome. This is where the technicians really come into their own. To name the stand out members is by no mean belittling to the others. As you spend most of the time facing away from them it’s very hard to get a sense of who is doing what and who is speaking. I would like to give a personal thank you thought Alex & Rosa, These two absolutely made my day. Funny, calming and faultless with their support. The whole system, pace of the day, hospitality, entertainment just does not ever need to change. The rest of the girls (Natasha & Co) worked really hard also when it came to the grafts and I appreciated all that they did, ultimately only time will tell if the effort paid off.

As the result won’t be visible for some time I cannot confirm whether I’m truly happy with the result, time will tell. What I am happy with is the fact I’ve bought some hope of confidence back with my money. Yes the surgery is substantial for a relatively low impact and yes I will have to no doubt go through the same cost again in the future but… in the grand scheme of things £12k buys you not that great of a second hand car these days, one that wouldn’t last too long before it was unfit and unreliable whereas this will hopefully satisfy me for a lifetime and I couldn’t put a price on that.

I don’t normally bother with feedback forms or reviews so it seems strange to write this. You obviously did an amazing job to make me feel the need to write to you all. What a fantastic group of people you are and I’m sure it will be in no time before I see you again for the op’ number 2. Keep up the good work people, you’re all a credit to the industry.

In summary to any potential candidates, don’t look elsewhere, stop right here and go ahead, you’ll not have a single regret…other than the healing period!! During this time you look like a monster ☺.

Best wishes to all of you at Crown Clinic.

EOB, Middlesex

I have to say the overall experience was amazing and absolutely first class. The team ethos and unity was evident to see throughout the day and I think the real success at this clinic is that the whole team works together as a unit. The team are incredibly friendly and really “down to earth” which helped to set me at ease. Dr Shahmalak was also very friendly and both he and the whole team generated a genuine rapport. I felt I had known them for years. The treatment I received was excellent. I am only at Day 1 but can say that I am very happy with my results so far thank to an excellent team. PS: Rosa and all the nurses were absolutely brilliant, also even the receptionists were great, very friendly & helped play a vital role.

RP, Whaley Bridge

The clinic is extremely well presented and gives you a very comfortable feeling on arrival. The whole process is very professional and you get a clear impression that all staff have excellent experience in this specialised area and they are all so friendly but professional. The surgeon Mr Shahmalak wants to be the best in his profession and you come away knowing that he is. Everything was explained so clearly by all the team. I would definitely recommend Crown Clinic. Thanks. PS: The only that does not seem to work is that I did contact you twice on the website contact form and never heard back.

JR, Tyne & Wear

I can’t praise the clinic enough for the professional and friendly care they provided throughout my transplant. From the initial phone call all the way to my aftercare I was made to feel comfortable and reassured.
Mr Shahmalak and all of his staff have made my experience a lot better than I expected. I can’t thank them enough for changing my life.

JD, Australia

Was a great experience. Dr Shahmalak was great made me feel very comfortable & confident in what he was doing. His team from the front desk to the surgical team were also great. I am very happy with the immediate results.

BM, Hawarden

Everyone was particularly caring & recognised the self-consciousness that started this.
The new rooms are excellent and very confidence inspiring.
The literature is very helpful to make sure I get the best out of the surgery.
Throughout everyone was friendly and helpful, very attentive and reassuring.

IK, Wakefield

Mr Shahmalak and his team are very friendly and efficient they work well together at a frenetic pace whilst ensuring comfort and adequate breaks. My overall experience was very good. Any result still improving would have no hesitation recommending Mr Shahmalak.

SH, Kent

My experience at the Crown Clinic could only be described as outstanding.
Dr Shahmalak and his whole team Really do make every effort. At all times they were friendly, professional and helpful, and I can honestly not think of a single criticism.
If you are thinking about a hair transplant, you should definitely book a consultation with Dr Shahmalak, you’ll be glad you did, I am.

MP, Huddersfield

The help, advice and treatment from start to finish was excellent. The surgeon and staff were really friendly and made me feel really comfortable. I couldn’t of asked for anything more.

PR, Sheffield

I would like to say what an excellent experience I had from start to finish.
On the day of surgery I was taken through each step with clear information and reassurance.
All the staff were very nice and helpful.