BL, Ireland

I am writing to you to express my overwhelming gratitude to you and your staff. I could not believe the level of kindness, understanding and professionalism shown to me before, during and after my procedure.
As you are aware, I had thought long and hard before proceeding with the beard transplant surgery and had contacted many clinics during my research. Out of all the clinics contacted, the only doctor who took the time to phone me personally to set up a consultation was yourself. This was ONE of many reasons I decided to go with your clinic.
Your thorough explanations of what exactly happens, what was the best method and what was realistically achievable with no big sales pitch was absolutely spot on. I could not have dreamed of such a good outcome.
In my opinion, anybody thinking of such a procedure who may have some doubts or reservations need look no further than your clinic. To me it was a life-changing experience that I wish I had undergone sooner.
As promised I will keep you posted on growth via pictures, and will, with great enthusiasm, look forward to the final touch-up procedure in six month’s time.
Once again, please extend my sincere gratitude to all your wonderful staff.
Kind regards,

TH, Cheshire

I am writing to Thank you for the professional way in which you have looked after me. The hair loss I was experiencing really worried in fact it seemed to occupy my every thought. I came across your clinic on an your internet site and decided to send an enquiry. I was dealt with in a very caring way by yourself and indeed your staff.
After our first consultation I was given all the facts so that I could make an informed decision about my procedure.
The procedure was carried out 7 days ago and I am delighted by the results so far the scar has healed nicely and I am due to have the stitches out in 2 days time.
I am now looking forward to returning to work feeling confident and happy about my future.
Once again thank you.
Yours truly,

GB, Yorkshire

First of all I would like to thank you for coordinating my latest hair transplant procedure which was carried out by Mr Shahmalak; this is the second of two procedures.
Mr Shahmalak’s expertise is second to none in my opinion; I had a very relaxed experience.  I am very pleased with the results from my first surgery, and looking forward to the results from the last one.
I had no pain or discomfort on both procedures and the donor areas have healed fine.
To anybody considering this surgery, I would say go for it.
I would just like to say a big thank you to every member of staff, you were great.

RM, Staffordshire

I would like to give some feedback following my hair treatment under the care of Mr Shahmalak.
It has now been nearly 7 months since my operation and already the results have made a considerable difference to my appearance and confidence.
During the procedure the medical care I received from the team was excellent and cannot be faulted.
I have undergone a previous transplant before under the care of a difference surgeon.  In comparison to my previous treatment I would like to point out how my expectations this time have been exceeded in the following areas:
1. Surgery time was significantly shorter although I received a higher number of grafts.
2. Each individual graft appears to be placed closer together than my previous transplant resulting in a higher density result.
3. Recover time following surgery was minimal.
4. Following my previous surgery from around days 3-6 I suffered intense swelling following this procedure.
5. Due to the technique Mr Shahmalak used to close the donor area, having the stitches removed cause minimal discomfort compared to the previously removal which I found very uncomfortable.

Mr Shahmalak ensured my expectations were set realistically throughout which in my opinion coupled with excellent health care was imperative to achieve satisfaction.
Finally, I would like to thank you for your support throughout and wish you luck in the future.  I would happily recommend you as a provider of hair restoration.

WB, Lancashire

The experience was I am glad that this is over.  The beginning was very good with an initial settle time began injections were given.  The staff were fantastic and made sure you were comfortable and encouraged you to take breaks.
The Surgeon was terrific explaining proceeding if you requested this and giving technical detail.
The process did take longer than anticipated but it was worth it.  8 months after consultation the grafts have done exceptionally well.

VMS, London

The initial consultation was informative and helpful.  I was very nervous pre-surgery and wrote on my medical sheet that I would like some information on what to expect on the day itself but received no response.  This made me more anxious as I have had surgery before and always received an ‘admissions’ booklet beforehand and a full brief on the surgery.
The surgeon was very professional and immediately put me at ease.  Both the surgeon and his colleague were very attentive and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

BL, Ireland

It is now one year since my beard transplant surgery.  The overall results have been good and I am very pleased with the outcome.  Growth took about 8/9 months to start and when it did it filled in very quickly.
I would now like to proceed with a follow-up procedure with the sideburn areas as previously discussed.
Once again, many thanks to you and all your staff for your kindness, professionalism and understanding.
I look forward to seeing you all soon.

VK, Liverpool

I found Crown Cosma Clinic to be very professional and knowledgeable in both consultation and pre-surgery.  5 months after the surgery, I have already noted significant difference, with further progress expected in the next 5 months.
I found the Surgeon and his team to be very pleasant, understanding and patient during the surgical procedure.  With the initial results I have had, I would definitely recommend the clinic to others.

KB, Newcastle

I would like to thank the professionalism of the surgeon and his team at Crown Cosma Clinic, Manchester.  I had scar revision and the remainder grafts transplanted in 2007.  I have had quite a number of procedures at different clinics throughout the country over the years and quite honestly can say that if Dr Shahmalak was available at the time I would have had no hesitation of using him and his team.
From meeting him at Manchester the whole matter was dealt with total professionalism and discretion.  As for me, I met Dr Shahmalak too late, but what he did made a big difference especially with donor area scarring.
So if you are considering any hair transplant surgery or scar revision, you should certainly consult with Dr Shahmalak and the Crown Cosma Clinic, you will not be disappointed.
All the best for the future.

CM, Cheshire

Initial consultation was very informative.  Having taken the decision to proceed with surgery everything was arranged very quickly.
The surgery itself was a not too unpleasant experience, very minor pain.  All the hospital staff were very nice and everything was explained thoroughly at all stages.  All matters regarding the procedure and aftercare were handled very discreetly.
I would highly recommend, it’s been 6 months and the results are already very apparent.