GM, Kent

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Dr Shahmalak and the staff of Crown Cosma Clinic.
This was my second treatment and the advances the clinic has made allowed me to have a pain free hair transplant treatment. I returned to Dr Shahmalak because I knew I would receive a quality of service. The attention to detail before during and after the treatment are excellent. The results speak for themselves. I am very happy to talk to any person who may be considering a similar treatment.

AC, Northallerton

This was my second treatment and procedure by Mr Shahmalak and his team. I cannot express my gratitude for their professionalism and attitude during my treatment. Throughout my treatment I was treated with dignity and sensitivity and for what can be uncomfortable procedure you are made as comfortable as humanly possible. From arriving at the clinic Ms Shafi makes you feel completely at ease and seems to fully understand clients (patients) anxiety’s and makes your journey and visit seem very routine and ordinary. Once the procedure had started Mr Shahmalak nurses are very warm and friendly  and maintain a lovely upbeat atmosphere in the surgery room which makes the time pass very quickly and as enjoyable as possible.

GH, Nottinghamshire

…I was amazed there was no pain and I walked back to the hotel.  I arrived home the next day and looked in the mirror I couldn’t stop smiling. I had hair, it’s hard to put into words how I feel, it’s like being reborn again.
Afshan rang from the clinic to check on me. I told her there was no pain and no need for the tablets and that I couldn’t stop smiling at the mirror.
I would like to thank Dr. Shahmalak and all his staff they have done a wonderful job, thank you.
If I had to advise anyone thinking about an hair transplant I would say don’t think about it pick up the phone and put a smile on your face.

AS, St. Helens

The whole procedure and consultations were efficient from start to finish. On the day of the surgery the staff were all very friendly and particularly ensured that I was comfortable throughout.
Nearly 3 months after the procedure I am already noticing quite a marked difference.

MF, Cheshire

I just want to let you know that I’m extremely pleased with the procedure, being a burns victim patient requiring re-construction to my frontal hairline and temporal regions, through an accident that happened some 17 years ago at age 23 and I have lived disguising my hair loss and scarred head with a hat in public ever since. Dr Shahmalak is a highly experienced skilled surgeon in his field, as it took a great additional effort and skill to transplant particularly into my scarred forehead areas.

I may be somewhat different than the average hair transplant patient, in that I want not only to replace and re-create my lost hairline, but I specifically requested my hairline to be lowered more than usual clients would with a more straight-defined hairline edge to give me back some of the shape from my youth at age 24 prior to when I had my burns accident, Dr Shahmalak kindly placed my hairline in the individual position that I personally requested (although this is because my case is exceptional to my own needs and requirements) I supplied additional patient consent, as this was a bespoke requirement.

Dr Shahmalak was very understanding and helpful the initial consultation was extremely clear and informative, explaining clearly all the details of how the procedure is performed.

Dr Shahmalak and his team have been truly professional and put up with my initial nervousness of surgery, the procedure was indeed painless and the support staff were wonderfully supportive throughout.

Everything went very well; I had a great experience with my procedure and I am very pleased with the 1st stage of surgery, it has achieved amazing post-surgery results.
The whole experience has been better than my best expectations. I’m now looking forward to seeing results over the next few months. My heartfelt thanks go to Dr Shahmalak and his team.

I would certainly highly recommend to everyone considering surgery The Crown Cosma Clinic as the best practice in the North West.
I can’t express my thanks for the excellent surgery you performed, hair transplantation is a dream come true.

FL, Middlesex

Everybody at the clinic makes me feel that I am one of the family. My wife who was waiting for me outside during the operation was treated well. During the operations I was conscious and any questions I asked was answered very professionally. There was very minute or no pain at all.  I was always being warned beforehand, if there is any slight discomfort. I will definitely recommend this surgeon to my friends. This is a Doctor who knows his job and very confident of himself.

AD, London

Thanks for making my dream come true and end a gring of daily baldness hiding hours of nightmares….
Hair is freedom
Hair is power
Hair is hope
Much respect for your help and kindness

PB, Edinburgh

Having had 2 procedures before, then this being my 2nd with Dr Shahmalak, the 1st one he did for me I found more rewarding than the original 3 I had with another clinic, the 2nd procedure on November 12th went well and although nervous, was put at ease by Doctor Shahmalak and the assistants with him. Everything was well explained to me more than once and I am now looking forward to noticing the new hairs in the months ahead. I was lucky and happy to be recommended this clinic.

RK, London

I am writing to you to thank you for the procedure which you undertook last year (2006).  The hair transplant has generally been successful and painless and I would certainly not hesitate to have further procedures, undertaken by yourself, should they be required in the future.

I would also like to comment on your professionalism and friendly nature.  This has been the key reason for me to writing to you and has made the whole easier to deal with, particularly in the period after the procedure.  Your ongoing support has been excellent.  Lastly I must inform you that a number of hairdressers have commented, once I have informed them, on the skill by which you have managed to close the rear donor strip.  They have said that is the best closure that have seen, giving me a lot of comfort in your ability.

Dr. GS, India

I thank you for taking out your valuable time for me when I was in UK.   Now, I’m back in India & as per your advice, I have started the Finasteride 1mg daily + Minoxidil applicap. I hope that I get the results that I’m looking for.  I feel much better since the time I have met you & my parents are very happy with you for giving me your noble advice.  I always had reservations earlier with the tablet Propecia and now after discussing with you I have started the treatment. My parents and sister are confident that with your treatment advice, I would regain the thickness of my hair which would help me to avoid transplantation surgery for years together. 
I feel very fortunate to meet a noble person & a doctor like you who has guided me like a true family member.  Now, I also know at the back of my mind that I have a genuine friend to look after my scalp hair in case they go bad at any moment.  Please do visit India with your family and give me the opportunity to take you around the entire north India.
I once again thank-you for your consultation & will keep in touch with you telling you about the progress in the condition of my scalp hair.