AV, Gloucester

I hope this letter finds you well and happy… as I am!
It has now been a few months since my transplant so I thought it was about time I contacted you.
Firstly, I want to thank you for the way you treated me during my initial consultation. I have been upset for years about my non existent eyebrows and you and Afshan have been the only people who understood my distress and took my concerns seriously. I came to you feeling a hopeless freak and left feeling like a million dollars! I can’t thank you enough  for not only understanding the concerns I had about my eyebrows but also for treating me with such respect and kindness.
I have to say the transplant was far more painful than I expected and I truly pray that I never have to go through it again however, I do realise that some of the grafts might not have taken, so it could be a distinct possibility that I in fact do have to undergo the process again! Personally, I think I have coped with the recovery very well and can now clearly see the difference it has made to my face. I didn’t enjoy having the stitches taken out…neither did my husband who nearly fainted! I think am now at the stage where the grafted hair has stopped falling out (I hope that was normal) and I actually have some eyebrows at last…hooray! I have a few gaps where the grafts didn’t take and I now realise that I was wrong not to go along with your original suggestion of more grafts..but I was very nervous and made the decision I thought was right at the time. (I’m sorry, I should have trusted your judgement)
…Everyone can see from the outside what you have done for me but very few people can see how you have changed me from the inside.
Looking forward to seeing you soon.

KM, Surrey

The overall experience were very good and very please. I am just worried about the result. If positive result is there it’s a great experience every.
The surgeon is very helpful. There were no side effects at all, once again it depend on the result.
Looking forward for positive result.

SK, Watford

Like with any procedure big or small one is very anxious prior to the procedure. I was very nervous and scared. I was overwhelmed with the initial meeting with Dr A Shahmalak and his team. With their warm welcome and reassurance I was relaxed within seconds. The procedure was broken down to me in great detail and I was made comfortable enough to ask as many questions as I wanted. The one thing that really touched my heart and I appreciate so much is the respect and dignity that was maintained by the doctor and his team.  As a muslim I wear a Hijab. For me it was one of many concerns. They made absolute sure that I was given my privacy (Thank You).  The team made me feel very relaxed whilst the Doctor was doing the procedure (All the staff offered their hand for me to squeeze when I wanted…Thank you).
Overall, I am amazed at how relaxed I was and even though the procedure was for about 4 hours+ I did not realised where the time went.
Dr A Shahmalak, you are the best and have a fantastic team working for you.
I would also like to sincerely thank your staff Afshan too! She was there for me whenever I picked up the phone in the build up to the operation.
Had I not got the support beforehand I know I would never of had got the transplant done.
If need be I will definitely get the procedure done again. I highly recommend everyone to go through CROWN COSMA CLINIC for the procedure that they may need because you will be in the *best hands* 
Thank you all once again!
May Allah bless you all and may you carry on given your 110% to all your patients.

JD, Carlisle

Thank you so much for all you have done for us. Your skills, care and understanding will truly give him his life back. He could not have asked for a more professional and understanding surgeon and the team.

DM, Sunderland

It really does make you feel special when the clinic (Afshan) make it their priority to ensure that you are happy and well aware of everything that is going on. Afshan is very friendly and professional. Dr Shahmalak is an excellent man. Caring, reassuring, professional and confident in what he does. The surgery was conducted very well and the technicians were brilliant girls.
I would thoroughly recommend Crown Cosma Clinic. Thank you for making me very happy.

JB, London

I really want to express my sincere thanks for your outstanding service and level of personal care throughout my hair transplant procedure recently. It really was from a customer perspective a truly excellent experience to receive that level of service. I can confirm that it makes a huge difference from a customer perspective.
All admin and initial arrangements were dealt with really efficiently and the service was excellent from Afshan as well as the follow up after the procedure. What can I say, I am absolutely delighted that I chose Dr Shahmalak and his team for my hair transplant. When I visited Dr Shahmalak for the pre-op consultation, I felt very welcomed and very well listened to and understood. Dr Shahmalak’s manner and professionality throughout all has been, to my mind, outstanding. I felt very well supported and it made the whole process and procedure so much better. The procedure went well, I was kept informed and looked after thoughout. I would recommend Crown Cosma Clinic and Dr Shahmalak in the strongest possible ways!
Please let me know if there is anything more I can do to provide a testament to the excellent service you offer.
Wishing you the very best of fortune and success going forward.

AH, Leeds

I am very satisfied with the results of my beard transplantation. Before coming to having surgery I reviewed as much information as possible about the procedure and your medical practice. All the information I found was very positive. I want ti highly commend you, your medical technicians and not forgetting the office staff. I would be happy to allow use of my photos to show your prospective clients.
Thank you very much for everything.

DH, Liverpool

I would like to thank Mr. Asim Shahmalak and all his fantastic team for making my hair transplant as comfortable as possible. It is my second procedure and the second time was as good as the first time. Asim explain himself thoroughly as do the team ensuring they want the operation to work as much as yourself.
Good luck in the future – Happy New Year.

SB, Gloucester

The initial consultation with Dr Shahmalak went fine with him explaining that he could place hair grafts in the specific areas that I wanted. Pre-surgery we went over what we discussed in the consultation and he cleared up any final questions that I needed clarifying. I then went into the treatment room where I met Dr Shahmalak’s team who were lovely and made me feel comfortable as I was quite nervous pre-surgery as I didn’t really know what to expect entering the treatment room. During the surgery I was continuously asked if I was alright which I appreciated as I was still a bit apprehensive. Post surgery Dr Shahmalak gave me a aftercare pack which he explained thoroughly what to take and use and when.
Fingers crossed the surgery will be a success and in the upcoming months I will develop new hair in the transplanted areas. If so this will improve my confidence greatly and I will owe it all to Dr Shahmalak and his team.

EH, Oldham

I would like to say how much I appreciate the care and courtesy shown to me by Mr. Shahmalak and his team on my visit to the clinic. I am very happy with the work carried out on me and would recommend anybody to go ahead with a hair transplant to help them gain confidence and to help to feel better about themselves.