NM, Bolton

Had pre-consultations to discuss the surgery in detail and had all my questions answered.  The surgery made very comfortable and very relaxed.  After the initial incision surgery it was almost like visiting the hairdressers.  Over the past six months I have experienced significant re-growth and my hair is almost back to its original density prior to hair loss.  Very pleased with the overall process.

AS, Midlands

Just thought I would send a quick email thanking you and the excellent surgeon Dr Asim I Shahmalak for taking care of me six months ago. Once again he and his team have achieved wonderful results with the surgery they undertook and I am very pleased with the excellent outcome. I also extend my thanks for the warm hospitality displayed to my wife and I during our short stay.
Thank you again and keep up the wonderful work with improving people's lives.

AC, North Yorkshire

Just a quick note to say I feel fine swelling seems to be on decrease now and bruising coming out. My stitches at the back seem to have settled down and no real concerns at the moment.
Could I please take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Mr Shahmalak and all his team for all their work and warm hospitality showed throughout my visit, during my treatment.
I will keep you updated of my progress and forward pictures onto you during my recovery.
Many thanks again

JH, Tamworth

Just a quick thank you for looking after me so well during my eyebrow transplant, it has been 3 weeks now and everything is looking good. The photo was taken 10 days after the op. Looking forward to how they progress over the next few months.

YH, East Sussex

I am absolutely thrilled and delighted with my hair transplantation. The whole experience from start to finish was second to none. Dr Shahmalak and his nurses were absolutely great, a pleasure to be under their care. They explained the whole procedure step by step.
After six months, my hair is fully grown and you can compare the difference with the pre and post photographs of my baldness. My hair is now in good shape and has brought back my self-esteem.
I highly recommend Dr Shahmalak & his clinic to anybody with any reservation whatsoever. I would probably go back for further treatment in the near future.

JW, Derbyshire

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and all of the team at Crown.
The service I have received has been nothing short of brilliant.

JS, Cardiff

I just wanted to thank you for all your kindness, help and professionalism with my procedure ….  I am very pleased with the result so far (although I realise that I have a bit of a way to go until I can fully appreciate the final result!).

I know that you have probably seen it before but after the procedure I was in a bit of a haze (probably due to the fact that I had had a very long day…), and as a result, I feel that I did not thank you fully when I left the clinic, if I left that impression, I hope you understand the circumstances.  I am really very grateful of all the help and support that you have given me.

I would also be grateful if you could pass on my appreciation to the team that worked on my hair and who had to put up with me for such a long time.  They were all very kind and supportive throughout the long period I was with them and made the whole experience a lot less daunting that it would have otherwise been. 
Again, can you accept my thanks for all your help in everything that you have done.

SR, Buxton

It is apparent that Mr Shahmalak is a true professional from the minute you meet him.  He exudes enthusiasm and implants confidence in his profession.
He has surrounded himself with a hand-picked friendly and extremely confident team who ensured my procedure was carried out efficiently.
Many thanks to you and your team and I wish you every success in the future.

AW, Lichfield

From the moment I contacted Crown Cosma Clinic to the final moment my treatment was completed I was highly impressed with the professionalism of ALL STAFF and the way they operate.
I would have no hesitation recommending anyone to Crown Cosma Clinic for Hair Transplant.

AV, Gloucester

I hope this letter finds you well and happy… as I am!
It has now been a few months since my transplant so I thought it was about time I contacted you.
Firstly, I want to thank you for the way you treated me during my initial consultation. I have been upset for years about my non existent eyebrows and you and Afshan have been the only people who understood my distress and took my concerns seriously. I came to you feeling a hopeless freak and left feeling like a million dollars! I can’t thank you enough  for not only understanding the concerns I had about my eyebrows but also for treating me with such respect and kindness.
I have to say the transplant was far more painful than I expected and I truly pray that I never have to go through it again however, I do realise that some of the grafts might not have taken, so it could be a distinct possibility that I in fact do have to undergo the process again! Personally, I think I have coped with the recovery very well and can now clearly see the difference it has made to my face. I didn’t enjoy having the stitches taken out…neither did my husband who nearly fainted! I think am now at the stage where the grafted hair has stopped falling out (I hope that was normal) and I actually have some eyebrows at last…hooray! I have a few gaps where the grafts didn’t take and I now realise that I was wrong not to go along with your original suggestion of more grafts..but I was very nervous and made the decision I thought was right at the time. (I’m sorry, I should have trusted your judgement)
…Everyone can see from the outside what you have done for me but very few people can see how you have changed me from the inside.
Looking forward to seeing you soon.