All I can say is I am thrilled with the results. I’m already waking up more confident, not feeling like I need to hide something.

The staff at Crown Clinic were amazing and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

I’m excited to see my results as I know it’s a process and cannot express my gratitude enough to Crown Clinic and Dr Shahmalak with his amazing team.

CB, Mexborough

My initial consultation was very informative and I never felt pushed into anything I wasn’t ready for. I liked the fact that I was left to make up my own mind in the period after the consultation. When phoning with questions I didn’t feel as though I was a nuisance. On the actual surgery day I was made to feel very comfortable and I liked the fact that there was some banter between the surgeon and his assistants which calmed my nerves. I was offered plenty of refreshments and a nice lunch. I felt comfortable asking any questions around my surgery and aftercare. I had to pop back early the next day after bleeding occurred from the donor site but was seen immediately by Mr Shahmalak who reassured me all was ok and asked one of his assistants to clean the blood from the back of my hair.

NB, Liverpool

To whom it may concern.

In 2014 I started to research the possibilities available to me for a hair transplant. This followed on from ridicule in the work place, despite being the boss and abuse from my Children. “Daddy where has all your hair gone” said my 10-year-old daughter. “Dad, why are you such a big slap head” said my 13-year-old son. Both were in agreement that they would no longer love me if I continued to lose any more hair.

I did research into all possibilities both here and abroad. I had read press about The Crown Clinic so went for a consultation.  I met with Asim Shahmalak who filled me with confidence and explained the whole process to me.  I decided not to risk any nominal financial savings that I might have received by using an overseas clinic. I opted for FUE as I couldn’t live with the thought of having a wedge carved out the back of my head, despite the great results this method can also bring.

On the day of the procedure, the team were friendly and reassuring which is just what I needed since I’ve never even as much as had a tooth pulled out, let alone a medical procedure. 

The aftercare was also excellent, which was just as important as the procedure itself and it was reassuring to know that the team were only a phone call away or luckily for me a 30 minutes drive.

I knew that the results would take several months to see, and I was aware of many people on the internet expecting immediate hair after a transplant.  However, it had been explained to me that the short hairs that had been implanted would soon fall out and a new hair would grow from that follicle.  And guess what? They did! It took about 8 to 9 months, but it was worth it.

Dr Asim is a rock star in the hair transplant world! I cannot recommend this clinic enough. The procedure is a walk in the park and that’s coming from a wuss like me that can’t even tolerate giving blood samples at the doctors.  

As for my kids… I never gave them a gift at Christmas that year and told them I’d spent all my money on new hair.  That shut them up. As for my work colleague… he got hit by a bus and broke his leg and now walks with a stick.  Who has the last laugh now!!!

Regards and best wishes,

JN, Poole

I couldn’t be happier or more impressed with everyone at the Crown Clinic. From the moment I first tentatively got in touch to even now writing this, a month after my procedure, the team made sure I was informed, prepared, and most of all, comfortable, mentally and physically. They really couldn’t do enough to take care of me and look after my needs. I equally can’t recommend them enough. Thanks so much again, my life starts now.

WB, Cheshire

I would like to thank Dr Shahmalak and his team for such a great experience at his clinic in Manchester.

The entire team were pleasant, helpful and professional throughout.

At every stage I was made to feel relaxed and the centre of everyone’s consideration.

Dr Shahmalak provided full pre and post-operative advice regarding my procedure; as well as keeping me fully appraised of each element during it. His technique was first rate and he ensured that I was pain free throughout. He was extremely considerate and repeatedly ensured that I was comfortable throughout and happy with how things were progressing. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone considering hair replacement therapy. Thank you.

RT, London

From the time of arrival at the clinic the whole experience was professional, friendly and caring. Dr Shahmalak and his whole team treated me with respect and kindness making me feel totally at ease. It’s still early days but I’m sure to find the results will make me more comfortable about myself in the future. Thanks for a day that will stay with me forever and everyone who helped with the procedure, all very nice people and good fun.

Best wishes to all of you.

MR, Clitheroe

Dr Shahmalak and the team at Crown Clinic were excellent throughout my procedure. Everything was thoroughly explained and I was very well looked after by the team. Looking forward to seeing the results in the coming months!

DG, Cheshire

Hi there,

I considered several clinics for my hair transplant, but I got a very good feeling about Crown Clinic from the very first phone call, which was prompt, friendly and professional, which is a theme that has continued throughout the entire experience

My initial consultation with Mr Shahmalak really put me at ease, as he examined my hair, made a recommendation and explained the procedure. He’s clearly very experienced and has a very friendly, calming manner.

Leading up to the procedure, I was provided with a packet of information that explained everything that I needed to do both before and after the procedure and I also received a couple of phone calls to ensure I understood everything and was happy.

On the procedure day itself, the team were incredibly welcoming and the facilities they provided for my comfort were excellent. I was pretty nervous beforehand, but the team really put me at ease and looked after me throughout the day.

In the 2 weeks after the procedure, the clinic has followed up with me and invited me in on two occasions to wash my hair for me and check everything is OK.

I’m really glad that I chose Crown Clinic for my FUE hair transplant. Everyone on the team has been incredibly helpful, friendly and professional and the entire experience has been first class.

Kind regards,

BR, Derby

An altogether professional and enjoyable experience. From the moment I met Mr Shahmalak he made me feel at ease about the whole procedure moving forward. The steps pre & post op were discussed thoroughly. There was pain with the op, slightly discomfort with the anaesthetic injection but only lasted a few seconds in each area. The rest of the team were great, making me laugh, down to earth and keeping me relaxed at all times. “Rocky on DVD was a bonus”. The food and drink put on was exceptional, bottles of water, Kit Kats, fancy biscuits, the soup at lunch was lovely as was the cheese salad sandwiches. Would highly recommend Dr Shahmalak and the team to carry out this procedure. Excellent from start to finish.

LW, Australia

First Class experience from a trusted team, I felt completely comfortable throughout the entire experience.