HOM, London

I was very impressed with the level of knowledge, hygiene, friendliness and overall treatment and staff.
I was at all times, treated with great respect, felt very comfortable with all the staff and in particular Afshan, who was always very polite yet to the point.
Mr Shahmalak is not only a fab surgeon, but also a wonderful caring and extremely humble guy.
I wish him and all his team all the best, and will definitely be recommending him.

DS, Wrexham

From my initial consultation there was never any doubt in my mind that The Crown Clinic would be the people to turn to for my hair transplant. I had spoken to and visited several other clinics prior and just didn’t feel the necessary understanding and care one would expect when you are essentially entering into a relationship of trust.

Throughout every stage of my journey The Crown Clinic I felt at ease, comfortable and had absolute confidence in my choice. Even on the day of surgery/treatment; which could potentially come with intrepadation and anxieties, the wonderful environment and beautiful team of people taking care of me actually made the few hours a very relaxing and ultimately an enjoyable day!

The results are phenomenal (as is the after-care). I would urge anyone who is considering hair transplant surgery to simply have a chat with The Crown Clinic. The decision to have a hair transplant is a big one, the decision of who you turn to is an even bigger one.

JC, Sale

I had some reluctance after seeing previous ‘miracle cures’ for hair loss but Crown clearly put me at ease and applied no sales pressure.
The operation involved the surgeon and three assistants full time for 2 days so a lot goes into it.
At all times I was looked after and nothing was too much trouble, even a choice for lunch!
The injections were painful but very brief after that it was simply lie down and enjoy the films!
Initial results have been excellent, I could not recommend Crown enough.

LB, Hove

After doing my research my first option was to go to Crown Cosma Clinic. After my initial consultation I was so impressed that I decided not to pursue any other surgeons and would only want Mr Asim Shahmalik. Due to my hectic work schedule it was quite difficult to organise a day for the procedure to take place. Crown Clinic could not have been more helpful. They opened the clinic on a Sunday as it was the only day that I could do.
On the day of my procedure, from the moment I entered the clinic I could not have been treated better.
Mr Shahmalak and all the team were, polite friendly and extremely caring of your needs. I felt very spoilt in how I was looked after.
The procedure itself was not in any way stressful or traumatic and had many nice chats with Mr Shahmalak and his team during the day.
At the end of the day Mr Shahmalak said he was very happy with how the procedure went and expects an excellent result. I have full confidence that he is telling the truth.
I look forward to my follow up appointment in 6 months when the hard work they put in that day will be on display on the top of my head.
I would like to finish this by Thanking everyone at Crown Cosma Clinic for a brilliant service.


From the second I went for the consultation until the time I left after having the procedure I was made to feel really welcome. The whole team were fantastic and I couldn’t have wished for more. It was a warm friendly atmosphere and nothing was too much trouble.
Thank you so much for giving me my confidence back.

MH, Macclesfield

Fantastic and approachable team; from the outset I felt that I was in good hands and they all understood my condition.

ST, Liverpool

I’d like to say thank you to Mr Asim Shahmalak and his team for taking very good care of me whilst getting my surgery done everyone was very kind and helpful.

JC, North Yorkshire

Background  - Gradual hair loss over the top of my head during thirties and forties, cunningly disguised by perming what was left and brushing upwards. Sad fact was I was bald on top.
Searched the internet after seeing a number of celebs having hair transplants. Was impressed by Dr Shahmalaks ground breaking  work, his profile in the profession, previous results and the fact he was also a practising consultant in the NHS.
Consultation All very straight forward and professional. The procedure and likely results were explained clearly, instilling confidence and trust. The clinic was scrupulously clean and well designed. It was also clear that I was on the more challenging end of the scale for a transplant procedure oweing to the extent of my hair loss.
Procedure – A very friendly atmosphere, led by Dr Shahmalak and a sense that nothing was too much trouble. He has perfected a very clever anaesthetic process which means there is no pain whatsoever. Discomfort on a scale of one to ten – about one and a half. A full day meant a full day and daytime TV is not really my thing! Initial impressions were very good with an enormous number of grafts!
After the procedure – I followed the advice to the letter and took the pain killers for a couple of days, though I am not sure they were required – there was no pain. Sleeping was difficult and I was worried that I would inadvertently scratch my head, so I took to sleeping in a chair for 5 nights (not good). The day afterwards I was tired, but then back to normal. I took a week off work because the grafts were visible and my work involves meeting people. The new hair fell out after a few weeks and I was back to where I had started – but after 3 ½ / 4 months it all started growing back.
At six months – The hair was over an inch long and my hairdresser was styling it into the rest.
At twelve months – The results really are amazing! The hair is now fully established, looks natural and for the first time in years I have a hairline. Not only that, I now consider the wind as my friend.

BV, Staffordshire

I am very pleased for having chosen Dr Shahmalak and the team. I could not ask for a better experience in such a situation as personal as hairloss.  I cannot fault any aspect. I would recommend this team for the sheer professionalism and care they have taken.

Adeleh, London

The Crown Cosma team provided me with not only top class five star service but also a new lease of life.
The spotless clinic is not clinical but homely and we are made to feel at ease having warm words and a hand to hold every step of the way of the procedure. I would recommend Crown Cosma to anyone suffering hair loss it can be fixed and early!