Dr C Jessen

I have visited Crown Cosma Clinic twice now and have always been utterly impressed by the care, compassion and professionalism of all the staff there.
My treatment has always been excellent without fault and I would recommend them without reservation.

EW, Lancashire

From the moment I walked in for the initial consultation I sensed the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Mr Shahmalak was also very friendly and explained in detail the procedure. On the day of the surgery I did feel a little nervous but this soon subsided due to the kindness and professional attitude displayed by Mr Shahmalak and his staff. Throughout the day I was repeatedly asked if I was ok and several breaks including lunch were taken.

I found the whole team totally professional.

IK, Northumberland

I felt as if I was in very safe hands – there are too many horror stories out there. Very friendly, felt at ease – overall not a bad experience for surgery.

BM, Edinburgh

My overall experience of the surgery was first class and a tribute to the skill, professionalism and friendly attention of Dr. Shahmalak and his team.

The only thing I would have appreciated immediately after surgery would have been some help and advice in concealing the very obvious scarring in the donor areas, clearly, I should have made my concerns known at the time.

GM, Belfast

My initial consultation, surgery was all carried out in a very professional manner, in a relaxed environment. My privacy and dignity was very much respected and maintained at all times.
The surgeon was an absolute gentleman, who put me at ease at all times. His team was so friendly, professional and so approachable and caring towards myself.
On the whole the whole procedure was a delightful experience, leaving me with happy memories of all at the clinic, at the moment, I am looking forward to seeing the results in the weeks/months ahead.
Many Thanks!

BQ, Merseyside

Initially I did not know what to expect from this type of surgery. I had done a bit of research via the internet and media but everyday is different to having making decisions to the way they want to look in the future.
When I first got in contact with the Crown Clinic in September 2013 to make an appointment to see Dr Shahmalak, this is the time I came in contact with Afshan the Clinic Manager. She initially put all my pre nerves at ease the way she spoke to me over the telephone and made me feel like a VIP. She made the first appointment very quickly within a week. She also outlined the procedure what was going to happen on the day. She even told me the train times to get to Manchester Airport train station and directions to get to the Crown Clinic and also sent to me in the Royal Mail the relevant information about the pre-surgery procedure. Afshan is very professional at her job.
I came to have an interview with Dr Shahmalak and he told me what I could expect getting out of 3 procedures and how much it will cost at the Crown Clinic. A week later I came back to the clinic. As I arrived Afshan made me feel welcome and after filling a few forms about any medication I was taking I went into Dr Shahmalak’s room and he told me what to expect that day. We then went into the operating room where I met all his staff who would be carrying out certain parts of the procedure. But when they took my blood pressure they found it too high to proceed that day. As a result Dr Shahmalak got in touch with my doctor and arranged for me to go and get my blood pressure checked and the relative medication to bring my blood pressure down. What a team of professionals!
After several months going to my doctors and checking my blood pressure on a regular basis they have finally got it under control. As a result I went back to the Crown Clinic to have the first procedure carried out. This time Afshan booked me into a Premier Inn Hotel. This was a good idea so I would not get too nervous on the day. I arrived on the day and again Afshan made me feel like a VIP, a short interview with Dr Shahmalak on procedures what was going to be happening on the day and then I met all his staff. My blood pressure was checked and that was alright to proceed. After approx. five hours of the procedure I came out of it sore with a few pains. I am looking forward to the next procedure at the Crown Clinic in September.
You are all true professionals at your jobs, and I like true professionals around me. Thank you!

CD, Darlington

I decided to have the procedure after being involved in a gas explosion which required skin grafting to my hands and scalp. Doctor Shahmalak was very sympathetic and understanding throughout my time there, both at initial consultation, pre and post surgery.
He explained to his team my background and they were very good and responsive about it throughout the surgery.
Everyone made me feel welcome and relaxed and nothing was too much trouble. The whole team was very professional and I would recommend Crown Clinic to any one.

DR, Leyland

From my initial consult my treatment and experience was amazing. I felt in safe hands and I just know I had come to the right place. Dr Shahmalak helped me to see where my hair would eventually go and did not pressure me to do anything. I decided I wanted the treatment still and was so happy when he said he could help.
From arriving on the morning of the treatment I felt welcomed and comfortable. Dr Shahmalak and his team are some of the nicest people I have met and I just felt comfortable all through my treatment.
All through my treatment I was kept informed at each stage and this was a great help to reducing my initial nerves.

During the actual procedure the staff helped me relax by talking to me and having a nice banter with each other.
My aftercare was brilliant and informative, I did not have to ask many questions as the information already given to me by Dr Shahmalak and his excellent team has helped me in a speedy recovery after my surgery.
Even after my surgery and back at home I received a call to make sure everything was alright and I got home safely and if I needed anything to ring the clinic which was really fantastic service.
To finish I would like to thank Dr Shahmalak and all his team for their excellent and fantastic work and care. They made my treatment and experience one of the nicest ones I have ever had.
I would not hesitate to recommend them to my friends and family.

Thank you Everyone

AD, Lytham

From initial consultations the whole process was excellent. Mr. Shahmalak was exceptionally patient and informative and explained the whole procedure and aftercare in great detail, leaving no doubts. Apart from the initial injections, which stung a little, but was over in a flash, the whole operation was painless. All the staff were superb and courteous. Many thanks again to all concerned and I am looking forward to at last having eyebrows.

JF, Warrington

After finally plucking up the courage to speak to someone about my hair loss I arranged an appointment with Dr Shahmalak. He put me at ease straight away and he was honest, caring, knowledgeable and personable. He explained my options clearly and left me feeling reassured that something could be done. Arranging an appointment was easy and the care given by the patient co-ordinator was outstanding. Nothing was too much trouble. On the day of the procedure all of the team put me at ease and were very reassuring and friendly. I was never in any doubt that I was in the best hands and Dr Shahmalak and his team are to be congratulated on their patient care. I felt I was the most important person there and all my needs and concerns were attended to with the utmost professionalism and care.
It was a great experience and I will recommend them to anyone and I will return in six months for more treatment.
Thank you!