KL, Lancashire

The initial consultation was very informative and reassuring. The 'PRE' surgery information and instructions are very clear and explain the issues well.

Again 'POST' Surgery instructions were very good, and the team at the clinic were supportive.

I was extremely nervous before and during the procedure but the team were very reassuring and comforting.

GS, Worcestershire

An excellent service from start to finish. The patient coordinator was very friendly and knowledgeable, and advised with all our early queries about the procedure.

In the initial consultancy, the surgeon provided a thorough breakdown of every step before, during and after the procedure. This and his approachability and warm manner gave me the confidence to book the surgery on the same day.

The surgery itself lasted no more than 4 hours including breaks, but I felt the surgeon and his team took the time to make me comfortable and ensure the operation would be a lasting success.

Post-Op there has been no issues, mainly because I received excellent advice so I knew what to anticipate. Any further queries I've had have been dealt with promptly.

A big thanks to the surgeon, coordinator and all of the staff on the day of the op!

ZE, Staffordshire

From the consultation I was left feeling reassured & confident although there wasn't 100% guarantee. During the day of the operation I was kept fully informed on how the procedure was going along with been regularly asked if I as in any pain (which I wasn't) just a little discomfort at times. I even asked for a short comfort break to which I was allowed - nothing seemed unreasonable as staff were kind and caring. After the surgery I was taken to a private recovery where staff were always keeping a close eye on me. There were plenty of drinks and snacks in the room should I of wanted them. A couple of weeks after surgery I returned for a check-up, again I was left reassured and I again could see that the surgery had gone to plan.

Two months on I can see that the eyelashes are coming though. So fully happy all round : )

MA, Lancashire

What can I say? From the initial enquiry, to the consultation, to the procedure, Dr Shahmalak and the team were absolutely brilliant.

Professional, friendly, informative - nothing was too much trouble.

It's very early days to really think about the results just yet but if they are anything like as good as my treatment to date then I'll be very happy!

Many thanks & best wishes to the whole team!!

RT, Preston

Initial consultation was absolutely superb, I was unsure whether I should go ahead with the surgery at first but the surgeon was so informative + totally made up my mind.

Surgery was as expected, 7 hours and at times a little painful, but I knew it wasn't going to be a walk in the park!

The surgeon & his team were fantastic, very professional, very slick, very thorough, "Absolutely No Complaints"

Post surgery - on the day of the surgery & day 1 of recovery, it was painful BUT manageable. I could have returned to work after day 2. The scar did take a long time to properly heal aprox 1.5 months, but thereafter it now looks good and cannot be seen at all.

SR, Lancashire

Initial consultation was really informative & I felt like the surgeon was very knowledgeable about the condition of my hair & what I would need to improve my hairline. The information he provided was to the point & very thorough. He was very honest & open about what he felt would be the best for me, eg - number of grafts required, timescales etc.

Pre & Post Surgery was very well managed & again provided me with all the information I needed. I was feeling slightly worried before the operation but all the team made me feel reassured & at ease. It was a very well delivered service throughout. The facilities were 5 Star, very clean & well looked after!

I would definitely recommend Crown Cosma Clinic.

Thank you

SG, Preston

Having done my research online on hair transplantation there were only two clinics I wish to visit. 'Crown Clinic" was the second I visited, and within a very short period of time in the clinic I knew this was the place I would choose. Afshan and Mr Shahmalak made me feel totally at ease, they were informative kind and thoughtful. It was just what I was looking for; a very personal approach. My day of surgery passed exactly how Mr Shahmalak described, his lovely "team" of girls made for a very pleasant day. I would recommend the Clinic to anyone considering hair transplant surgery. I have total faith that in 6 months time I will start to see a life changing result: smile

RK, Cheshire

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Asim Shahmalak for the high standard of support, advice, planning and professionalism shown and provided through the whole process. The team also worked very hard under Dr Shahmalak’s instruction to deliver good service.

RK, Cheshire

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Asim Shahmalak for the high standard of support, advice, planning and professionalism shown and provided through the whole process. The team also worked very hard under Dr Shahmalak’s instruction to deliver good service.

Thank you!

JK, Hampshire

I had an eyebrow transplant procedure done just over a month ago; it is till very early days but so far so good.

From my first telephone conversation with Afshan at The Crown Cosma Clinic I was reassured that everything would be set out clearly and every question, no matter how trivial, answered and explained.

I did much of my research online and was impressed reading about Dr Shahmalak his work, and commitment to his profession. I noted that Dr Christian Jessen, from the television program “Embarrassing Bodies” had chosen Dr Shahmalak for his procedure, so I was more than happy with another doctor’s recommendation.

I had my consultation and a few days later booked my procedure, everyone at the clinic was most accommodating. I flew to Manchester using a budget airline and the clinic was only 6 or 7 minutes walk from the airport, it was just so convenient.

The clinic is very modern and clean and has a lovely friendly atmosphere. The staff, although very professional certainly made every effort to make me feel relaxed and comfortable. Dr Shahmalak told me what he was doing at each point of the procedure, and asked how I was feeling. I personally had only mild discomfort, with the injection of local anaesthetic and the lab Technicians are happy to chat which I really enjoyed, it certainly made the time go quickly.

I had some bruising appear around my eyes about 2 days after my transplant it lasted about 8 days, so I would suggest if you have any special event take that into consideration, 10-14 days everything had settled down. The stitches on my scalp gradually dissolved and I have had no problems. I did not need any medication for pain and I followed all the advice that was given to me when I left a few hours later.

I wish this procedure had been available 20 years ago, I am 57 and now I have eyebrows. I would recommend Dr Shahmalak and his team to anyone who just wants to feel better about themselves.