JD, Sheffield

Initial: Excellent

Pre: Excellent, everyone there was incredibly professional

Well done Crown Clinic!

Post: Excellent!


Cannot fault it. Would definitely recommend!

DB, Chesterfield

From my initial consultation with Mr Shahmalak to undergoing the procedure I received nothing but outstanding service. On meeting Mr Shahmalak for the first time he made myself and my wife feel totally relaxed, the procedure was explained to us both extremely well with no pressure to commit to anything on the day. Following this smooth initial visit I felt confident that I wanted Crown Clinic to carry out my procedure. I dealt with the practice manager Afshan who was very professional and approachable. Everything from what to expect on the day to hotel reservations was explained on the phone and was followed up by post and email.

Obviously on the day of the procedure I was feeling a little anxious, however on arrival the staff made me feel welcomed and relaxed. Again Mr Shahmalak fully explained what was going to happen. The procedure itself went very smoothly with only some minor discomfort with the anaesthetic injections which I expected. The extraction and implant procedure itself was completely pain free. I was amazed how quickly time passed, all this was helped by the reassurance from Mr Shahmalak and the nursing staff. Following the procedure I was given a fully detailed explanation of my aftercare and medication regime, That evening I was pain free with only slight soreness which didn’t require any analgesia. After a comfortable night in a local hotel I returned home with a detailed home information pack which I followed. Two weeks after the procedure I received a follow up call to check how I was doing. I would like to thank Mr Shahmalak and his staff for their outstanding care and professionalism and I would highly recommend Crown Clinic to anyone considering a hair transplant.

TB, Sale

The initial consultation was informative and clear with the whole process described in detail. Within a short amount of time I had full confidence in Crown Clinic.

My pre-surgery experience was relaxed as Dr Shahmalak and his staff explained the process fully and checked I was comfortable.

Aftercare fully explained post-surgery and the staff were a delight throughout.

TPS, Morecambe

The overall experience I had at Crown Clinic was and excellent one from start to finish. When I initially got in touch with the clinic they responded in such a timely manner and a consultation was arranged for not long after. The initial consult with Dr Shahmalak was efficiently brief  but very informative. You can tell he is an expert in this field. Following the consult Afshan the Clinic Manager  was a great help in arranging the transplant in the following weeks. On the day of the transplant I arrived early and was briefed on the procedure from being prepped and undergoing the transplant. The whole team was very accommodating and friendly throughout the procedure. Everything was very efficient and professional and the day flew by. It is now a week following my procedure and the results are excellent. The team have been very responsive to my enquiries post operation. The service overall has exceeded my expectation. I would recommend Crown Clinic to anyone thinking about having a hair transplant.

MH, Ashton-Under-Lyne

After a lot of searching online for various options for my treatment, I discovered the Crown Clinic with Mr Shahmalak and his teams great reputation. Having seen the celebrity names and positive reviews that Mr Shahmalak had treated with great results, I decided to book my consultation.

On the day of my consultation the appealing thing to me was I actually got to discuss my options with Mr Shahmalak who was first class from the off. At no point did I feel pressured. In fact I felt the opposite with various options ie. Daily medications (which I had tried before) being offered, but I knew I wanted a more permanent solution and Mr Shahmalak was the man for the job.

The day of my procedure was here, arriving at 07:30am from the start I was made to feel very welcome. First order of the day to go through the days’ proceedings with Mr Shahmalak.

Once I was briefed and all ready to go, it was time to go through to meet the rest of the team and have my hair clipped. Once in the operating room where the procedure was to take place we got things on the way with the initial injections for the local anaesthetic (which I won’t lie, were the worst bit for me) a little sore.

With the procedure on the way everything throughout the day was relaxed and pain free with several breaks and a lunch break.

Overall the treatment had been excellent and I was being treated like a member of their own family. The whole procedure lasted around 6 hours (1600 implants FUE) and thanks to the banter with the staff and Netflix the time went fairly quickly. Following the procedure the team went thoroughly through the aftercare to follow and gave me my aftercare pack.

I feel really pleased with how the whole day went and how I’ve recovered from the procedure. I’d like to say a big thank you to Mr Shahmalak and the rest of the team at Crown and I look forward to seeing the results over the next 12 months.


SH, Manchester

From the moment I walked through the door the staff at Crown Clinic made me feel relaxed, comfortable and welcome. They were quick to answer my questions fully and informatively. My procedure was fully explained to me and I had complete trust in my surgeon’s abilities. Throughout the procedure they checked I was comfortable and explained what was going on. Afterwards I was given my own room to relax in before heading home. When I rang the clinic with a few questions the next day they were very helpful. Great service, thank you.

DE Sheffield

I have got to say that there would not be enough words to put in this letter to explain my experience. Within minutes of arriving at the clinic I was made welcome and put at ease from and extremely professional and down to earth team. All the anxiety that had built up with dropped straight away. It’s strange but I was made to feel like I knew all the team personally. My thoughts were in keeping the procedure to myself but now my mind has most definitely changed to which I will be recommending the Crown Clinic for basically giving me a new lease of life.

Can’t wait to see you all in 9 months’ time.

AD, Tunbridge Wells

The Crown Clinic is thoroughly professional and efficient in every respect.

Dr Shahmalak is a real perfectionist who expects only the highest standards from himself and his staff, who were all utterly charming and helpful.

From my initial consultation to the procedure itself and immediately afterwards, my quality of care was exemplary. I felt very supported by a team who I felt were totally committed to be the best in their field.

AB, Sheffield

My overall experience with Crown Clinic was excellent. Besides been called different names throughout the experience, the consultation, pre and post surgery was ‘5’ Star!

-Dr Asim Shahmalak and his team were very professional. On arrival, I was very nervous but was made to feel relaxed by the team with great conversation and TV throughout the day. I’m 9 days post op and I know it’s very early stages but I’m very happy with the results and really looking forward to seeing the final results in 12 months’ time. Thank you! smile

DG, Liverpool

My entire experience exceeded all expectations. Initial consultation was informative and completely unpressured with honest and practical advice offered.

Pre surgery arrangements were easy to make with clear instructions provided in the week before procedure.

The day of surgery the whole team were friendly and professional – the long day I had anticipated seemed to pass much quicker than I believed it would do.

Post surgery also excellent in terms of ease of contact and follow up visits.

Dr Shahmalak and his team were a credit to their profession.