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Reviews From A Leading UK Hair Transplant Clinic

KB, Preston

Excellent customer care!

I had no issues and found the process throughout very understandable and easy to follow. Hopefully results of my FUE hair transplant will bear fruit in the months to come ��

JH, Bolton

From my very first phone call I was made to feel reassured that I would have my first consultation with the surgeon Mr Shahmalak and not a sales consultant which was very important to myself.

My consultation with Dr Shahmalak went extremely well, I was asked what my expectations were and I feel that if this was unlikely I could achieve they would have been managed at that stage.  I was advised of the best procedure for myself being a woman and not wanting my head shaved. Dr Shahmalak was very friendly and courteous throughout the consultation, and I felt in very safe hands.

On the day of my procedure I was made to feel very comfortable, welcomed and reassured. I was treated very kindly by Dr Shahmalak and all his staff/team, I could not have been treated any better if I had been a VIP. The day went very well, and my comfort was considered at all times. I was advised of my post op directions to follow day by day even though I had been sent all this information I needed and required at my first consultation. A date convenient for myself to return to the clinic was arranged for my return to remove the staples from the donor area.

On this visit Dr Shahmalak removed the staples, the very lovely Joanne, then washed my hair and gave me some very good advice as she had been a hairdresser, which I was very grateful for her kindness.

I did have one unfounded concern, but this was dealt with by telephone, quickly, promptly by Dr Shahmalak and reassuringly.

I have nothing but praise for the care and attention I received throughout the experience. My privacy was maintained throughout it truly was a person centred caring service. As a woman with hair loss and working in a social/healthcare setting their procedures for covid, infection control and cleanliness were excellent throughout. “Well Done Team!”

“Thank you so much”

SLT, Horsham

From initial enquiry to visiting Dr Shahmalak at Harley Street to day of surgery was made to feel at ease, all information explained in a clear manner, with opportunity to ask questions. I was naturally nervous but didn’t need to be.

Desired hairline drawn, to take into account of my age to ensure natural result/look.

Dr Shahmalak and his assistants were excellent, the day of surgery went really quickly and apart from the few initial injections was painless as previously explained at consultation.

I can’t wait to see the final results in the months to come. Would highly recommend Crown Clinic and many thanks to the team for looking after me.

MP, Hyde

I have been considering a hair transplant for many years, but had concerns around the procedure and long term effectiveness. The key reason I opted for Crown Clinic was the fact id be dealing directly with the doctor responsible for my procedure.

During consultation all the facts were explained to me and I was allowed time to come to this decision on my own terms.

On the day of surgery, I was made to feel calm and safe, the team were friendly, and accommodating.

I opted for a FUT procedure which wasn’t especially pleasant to sit through, but I felt no pain and before I knew it the day had passed. I was given all the things needed plus clear instructions for the aftercare and I have to say I am really happy with the initial results with the hair growth showing already in the transplanted area after 7 days. Cannot recommend Crown Clinic enough.

RT, Leeds

From the very start of wanting my hair transplant procedure I looked at many clinics online before making my mind on who has my best interests. Crown Clinic stood out by far which had good reviews, explained well on the treatments and the experience of Mr Asim Shahmalak medical history and background reassured me with confidence that this clinic will meet my needs. I felt reassured with the information required. Ringing up for a consultation the receptionist was very helpful and friendly, she went out of her way to help me. I met Mr Shahmalak and he explained everything in great detail and again I felt very relaxed and could speak freely. I came away feeling good and excited to proceed with no doubts. Surgery day came, step by step I was aware in detail of everything so there were no fears or surprises. Every member of staff were so friendly, I felt like I known them for years, you could tell they all have a healthy and enjoyable passion in their team and it made me feel at ease, all the time, there they were always asking if I am ok, if I want food or drink, I felt at home, I was relaxed, I could of slept when getting my procedure done. My experience of Crown Clinic was from start to finish amazing, the service was nothing but 5 stars treatment. I never had any worries and everything was taken care of and explained in great detail so my mind was at ease. I could not fault anything about the clinic and would recommend this service to anyone who wants this procedure doing. You have done so much for me and my confidence, I am deeply grateful, I just want to say Great team, Great practice and a super attitude. Thank you so much Crown Clinic.

CT, Brentwood

All very good!!

Obviously waiting for it to grow!!!

DB, Hitchin

I would like to thank Dr Shahmalak for his amazing skills, kindness and humour. My consultation was in Harley Street and I was immediately put at ease and thoroughly enjoyed the meeting with Dr Shahmalak and Afshan.

The consultation was so informative and every question I asked was answered in great detail. Therefore, I knew, I had met the team that I would confidently use to transform my life!!

On the day of surgery, everything was explained to me and I had so much support from all the team. I am overjoyed by my results so far and look forward to seeing my new hair.

AW, Durham

Firstly, I would like to thank Dr Shahmalak and all his team who were absolutely fantastic!

From the day of my consultation to 11 days after surgery they’ve been excellent.

On my initial consultation with Dr Shahmalak I immediately felt at ease. He was very friendly and I could tell that he only had my best interests at heart. The consultation was very informative and I left the clinic excited for my surgery.

On the day of my surgery, I felt nervous (fear of the unknown I suppose). However, I shouldn’t have… Dr Shahmalak and his team made me feel very comfortable and continually explained the procedure throughout the day.

11 days on and all the scabs have been removed, I have no redness or swelling around either the donor or recipient site. I haven’t experienced any pain or discomfort since the surgery and to be honest it’s not obvious that I’ve even had surgery at all.

The whole experience has been fantastic! And like most situations in life….. your imagination is worse than the event itself. 

The staff are always on hand to answer any questions after surgery. Overall I strongly recommend that if anyone is considering a hair transplant that Crown Clinic is the place to go. I was really happy with my experience and cannot wait to see my results in a few months.

DS, London

I can only ever recommend this procedure. Not only am I delighted by it on a daily basis, people can’t believe the before and after pictures. I didn’t believe before and after pictures myself and I couldn’t be happier.

The team at Crown Clinic were so, so lovely to me – a very nervous man who had nothing at all to be nervous about. I didn’t really realise I had been wearing a hat so much because I was really conscious of my hairline. Since coming to Crown Clinic I haven’t worn a hat at all!

AH, Newark

After researching all about the process of FUE. I contacted Crown Clinic. I discussed with them face to face the whole process and booked a date for the procedure. I found Dr Shahmalak to be friendly, knowledgeable and very thorough with explaining the process. On the day of surgery, I felt very looked after at no point I was concerned or worried.

The healing took a maximum of ten days. During this time, I followed all the aftercare details I had been given and I was amazed how quickly the healing progressed. I would like to thank Dr Shahmalak and his wonderful team for an excellent job!