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Mark’s Hair Transplant

TREATMENT: Hair Transplant

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The transplant has helped me in my day to day pattern very much, I feel confident wherever I go now and having the transplant was priceless.

It has helped me talking to people at work and talking to girls the weekends!

I lost my hair at an early age 22 and it affected everything at work and when I was out, I couldn’t look at people the same way I do now, always worrying that people would comment on my hair loss.

But now confidence is sky high.

I am delighted with the transplant, as it was pain free as well.

The 2nd experience with Crown Clinic, was just as good as the 1st time I had, they treated me like a friend and not just a customer.

I was again over the moon with the work done, and would recommend this to anyone who was interested.

I was losing my hair due to growing up I guess and did lose all confidence in being myself but having two transplants has really boosted my ego.