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Why is FUE Hair Transplant Considered the Best?

POSTED: 09 September 2020

FUE is undoubtedly the most popular form of hair transplant. But why is that?

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplants carry many desirable benefits, with the main one being a permanent solution to hair loss. Due to using natural hair follicles from the side and back of your scalp to transfer into the balding areas, it means your hair will grow back naturally over time, without the risk of suffering from further hair loss. The hair follicles from these two sections of your scalp are DHT resistant. DHT is a natural hormone produced by the human body and often the leading cause of hair loss. While it usually takes up to eight - twelve months to begin seeing results, once your natural hair has regrown, it will last and develop as normal.  

Scarring – What Scarring? 

Minimal scarring is another reason why FUE is often considered the best hair transplant. During the procedure, tiny holes will be made to remove the donor hair follicles; these heal quickly, leaving you with minor circular scars. Once your hair has regrown, you’ll barely notice any scarring. Of course, this is dependent on the surgeon and their level of experience. Hair transplants abroad are often performed by unqualified physicians and can leave you with unsightly scars and problems further than the line with hair restoration. This is why you must have your hair transplant in the UK by a qualified and experienced surgeon, such as Dr Shahmalak at Crown Clinic. If you have any uncertainty about the surgeon, ask to see their credentials beforehand.  

You Can Stay Active 

If you’re an active person or have a tight or loose scalp, an FUE hair transplant will work in your favour. Due to the lack of incisions, you’re not restricted to continue with strenuous activity following the procedure. However, we still recommend resting for a few days after. If you do begin to feel some pain, please consult your GP, or give Crown Clinic a call.  

Recovery Time is Short 

Other benefits to having an FUE hair transplant, include a reduced recovery time. This again is another reason why it’s favourable and considered the best option for some patients. The ability to continue with day-to-day activities shortly after any surgical procedure is a massive tick in the box, especially if you’re unable to take time off work. Of course, recovery is based on the individual and the surgeon. Crown Clinic can discuss recovery in more detail during your consultation appointment. The same applies to any discomfort you might experience. Generally, with FUE, any pain or discomfort is less compared to a FUT hair transplant

What Are The Benefits for FUE Hair Transplants?

There are many benefits to choosing an FUE hair transplant, but it does depend on how severe your hair loss is and the underlying cause of it. This isn’t to say that FUT hair transplants aren’t favourable, as they too have numerous benefits and proven results as an excellent solution to hair loss.  

To learn more about hair transplants and to find out which procedure is best suited to you, contact Crown Clinic today and book in a consultation appointment with Dr Shahmalak.

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