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Trick or Treat: How to make sure you get the best quality hair transplant

POSTED: 06 October 2017

When you’ve finally made the decision to take the leap and get a hair transplant, it can be a nerve-wracking and exciting decision. You want to make sure that everything goes smoothly and you come out of your procedure with results you can be proud of.

With this in mind, we’re taking a look at how you can make sure you get the best quality hair transplant for your money. We’ll take a look at what research you need to do, how you can spot the perfect clinic and surgeon and actionable things you can do to improve your chances of getting the best results.


Choosing your perfect hair transplant clinic

We’ve previously covered this subject over in our ‘How to choose a hair loss clinic’ blog post, but here is a brief overview of some of the points you might want to consider when choosing a clinic for your hair transplant.

  • Reviews and testimonials from previous patients- These will give you a real-world idea of what the clinic is like, how it treats its customers and what the experience will be like for your own transplant procedure.
  • News or articles about the clinic- Most clinics will conduct some sort of PR, so make sure you Google the name of the clinic to see if it has any negative or positive press.
  • Choose a clinic that is close by, but also has a strong reputation- Don’t just judge a clinic by its proximity to you. Crown Clinic provide FUE hair transplants in Manchester, as well as various other parts of the UK. We have a great reputation with our clients, but we are also in prime locations of major cities, so we are able to provide convenience and top quality service.


How to spot an unqualified or careless surgeon

Sometimes, the surgeon themselves may be the issue. Make sure you organise to meet with the surgeon who will be performing your procedure and go armed with plenty of questions. Research into what you should think about asking and have a look into any questions that may potentially catch out unqualified surgeons, such as:

  • Where did you receive your qualification?
  • How long have you been providing hair transplants?
  • Can you show me any past patient results?


Making the most out of your consultation

A little while ago, we put together a few key questions you should think of asking when attending your initial consultation. Using this time to really delve into the procedure and ask as many questions as possible, cannot only put your mind at ease, but it also helps the surgeon to understand what your goals and motivations are.

We offer a consultation to all of our clients, to make sure they feel 100% comfortable in their decision. We strongly advise popping in for a consultation, even if you’ve only just started to consider a hair transplant.

Getting the perfect results depends on a few factors. First, you need to know exactly what is realistically possible, this is where your consultation comes into play. Your surgeon can assess your situation and not only offer you the best type of hair transplant procedure but give you a better idea of what results you can expect.

If you’d like to pop in for a consultation, simply give us a call or use our contact form. We’re always happy to talk through our services and offer our qualified advice, to help you make that all-important decision.

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