The Rise Of Hair Replacement Treatments

POSTED: 21 February 2013

The last few years have seen a huge rise in the number of hair replacement and restoration treatments being carried out, with newer methods rapidly gaining ground over more “traditional” methods of coping such as wigs or extensions. Not only do these modern techniques offer a more permanent solution but they can lead to highly natural and vastly superior results, and if figures are anything to go by the surge in demand is only going to increase.

The rise

According to figures released by The Hospital Group, the number of men seeking hair transplantation grew by 44% between 2004 and 2009. This is thought to be the result of a number of different factors—not only do men seem to be suffering from a younger age but a lot of people view such treatment as a necessity as opposed to a luxury, with outward appearance becoming an increasingly common concern. We live in a highly looks-driven culture, which means a lot of younger men are looking for ways to bring their confidence back on track.

Then there’s the fact that a larger ageing population will inevitably lead to more people seeking restoration treatment. There’ll simply be more people out there suffering from hair loss which means an organic rise in treatment numbers, and what about women? Hair loss doesn’t only affect men and with more than a third of women aged between 25 and 35 thought to suffer from it we could expect to see a sharp rise in female patients too, particularly as hair is a huge part of a woman’s self-esteem.

The techniques

There are several techniques that can be considered, depending on age and severity of the hair loss being suffered, with non-invasive techniques such as medication or over-the-counter products being the first option. This is often the preferred choice for those in the younger age bracket—prevention is better than cure, and with younger patients being more receptive to this kind of treatment (re-growth is often highly successful as younger clients are usually in the early stage of hair loss) it can often be a great solution.

Then there are the more permanent options, namely the hair transplant procedure. Donor tissue is transplanted onto the area of concern and hair will re-grow naturally as a result, and there’s no need to worry about the pluggy results of days gone by—thanks to modern advancements the look is incredibly natural with it often being difficult to tell that surgery has even taken place, with this technique often being preferred for those seeking a more permanent option where non-surgical procedures won’t deliver the necessary results.

Here at Crown Clinic we realise the need for effective hair loss treatment, particularly as so many more people seem to be suffering these days, and that’s why we’re here to help. We can offer a range of different treatment options depending on your specific requirements, so if you’re suffering make sure to get in touch and you could soon bring your hair back to its former glory.

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