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New Year, New You: Reasons Why You Should Get a Hair Transplant

POSTED: 06 January 2021

The New Year is a time that many of us start thinking of ways we can start improving our lives over the coming months. So, if you have been struggling with hair loss, it’s time to take action – here’s why a hair transplant should be on your list for 2020. 


Hair transplants are a permanent solution to hair loss 


If you have tried and tested every possible treatment for your hair loss and been disappointed with the results, it may be time to consider a hair transplant. It’s a permanent solution, meaning that for the majority of people, just one surgery will be enough to restore their hair back to its former glory.  


Hair transplants will give a natural appearance  


Unlike hair transplants of the past, where patients would walk out of the clinic with visible ‘plugs’ of hair dotted over their scalps, new treatments have completely changed how hair restoration is carried out. A good hair transplant will look incredibly natural – if you have FUE surgery, a skilled surgeon will be able to create a hairline that’s virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. 


It can transform your self-esteem 


If you’re self-conscious about your hair loss, it can take a huge toll on your confidence and self-esteem – which, in turn, can damage your mental health. Men and women alike can struggle with the effects of hair loss, sometimes going to great lengths to disguise the balding and even avoiding social situations. 

Of course, not everyone who loses their hair is unhappy about it, and plenty of people embrace the bald look, but for those who are suffering as a result of hair loss, a hair transplant can have a transformative effect. Many patients report feeling happier, more confident and more attractive after their surgery, and, as a result, feel having a hair transplant has improved their mental health. 


Hair transplants are cost-effective 


Hair transplant surgery may not seem like the cheapest option, but if you consider the amount of treatments many people try over the years to slow down their hair loss, it will likely work out to be more cost-effective in the long run. Many patients only require one transplant, meaning that the cost of the first surgery will be their only expense – and they will be left with permanent results. 

If you’d like to start 2021 with renewed self-confidence, why not get in touch with Crown Clinic today.  

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