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Men change their hair styles just four times between the ages of 18 and while women switch 15 times

POSTED: 26 April 2017

The average man has just four hairstyles between the ages of 18 and 40 - David Beckham has had 38 in the same time!
* Crown Clinic survey found that men change their style once every five-and-a-half years while women switch styles every 18 months;
* Women are more likely to change looks to mimic someone famous;
* Duchess of Cambridge is the female celebrity with most admired hair while Becks is men's most popular hairstyle icon;
* The Duchess has changed her style ten times since the age of 18 - making her LESS vain than the average woman;

MEN change their hairstyle just four times in their adult lives while women switch 15 times, according to a new Crown Clinic survey.
It found that most men only change their hair once every five-and-a-half years.
Women are much fussier – adopting a new style every 18 months.
The results came in a poll of 1,000 men and women by Crown Clinic in Manchester – Britain’s leading hair loss clinic.
It wanted to know how often men and women change their styles between the ages of 18-40 when most people meet their future spouses and are most concerned about their appearance.
It also looked at the main reasons why men and women opt for a new look.
The poll found that 45% of men change their hairstyle just four times during these formative years – by far the most popular answer.
One in ten men keeps the same look right through from 18 to 40.
Just 5% of men switch their hairstyle every year.
Women are much keener to try new looks.
Almost half those polled (48%) change their look every 18 months.
One in six women go for a new style four times a year – virtually every time they go to a salon.
It means this group have more than 80 hairstyles between the ages of 18 and 40.
The main reason men change their hair is because they are bored with the way they look, according to 36% of respondents.
Other reasons include hair loss (24%), changing fashions (15%), and wanting to mimic the style of a celebrity (12%).
Women are far more likely to switch styles to mimic the look of someone famous.
Almost half of the women polled (44%) said they had asked their stylist to make them look like a celebrity whose hair they admired.
Other reasons for women changing their style were changing fashions (42%), bad hair days (32%),  need for a change (26%) and hair going grey (16%).
The male celebrity whose hair men most admired is David Beckham, 41.
Interestingly, researchers found that he’d had 38 different hairstyles between the ages of 18 and 40.
Just 2% of men change their hair as often as Becks.
The female celebrity whose hair women most admired is the Duchess of Cambridge, 35.
She subtly changes her look all the time and but researchers found only10 different styles for her from the age of 18 – which means she is less vain than the average woman.
Hair transplant surgeon Asim Shahmalak from Crown Clinic said that a key factor in men changing their hair was baldness.
Dr Shahmalak said: “Up to 40% of men are losing their hair by the time they are 40.
“The days of them combing over their bald patch like Bobby Charlton are thankfully well behind us.
“These days men losing their hair often shave their heads to cover up their baldness.
“However, increasing numbers – inspired by people like Calum Best – are opting for hair transplants.
“Maybe they don’t suit the shaven-headed look or it doesn’t suit their job. How many lawyers have you seen with a crew cut?
“Many men simply don’t want to have the same hairstyle for the rest of their lives and a transplant gives them lots more options.”
Crown Clinic is a big favourite with celebrities and Dr Shahmalak has performed follicular unit extraction transplants on model Calum Best, Gogglebox star Chris Steed, Home Under The Hammer star Martin Roberts  and the football star Didi Hamann. Dr Shahmalak also performed two follicular unit transplantation procedures, also known as strip harvesting, on the TV doctor Christian Jessen.

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