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Making Hair Transplants More Affordable with Pay Monthly Options

POSTED: 25 March 2021

A hair transplant is a lifelong investment, which means that for the majority of patients, it’s worth paying more for. However, some people are put off by the initial cost, which is typically between £4-5k for an FUE or FUT transplant.  

As a result, they may be tempted to go abroad for a cheap hair transplant, enticed by its low cost, not realising the risks associated with cut-price surgery. 

Understandably, for many people, it’s a lot of money to pay upfront, which is why Crown Clinic has partnered with Medenta. It allows you to pick between two interest-free finance options that allow you to spread the cost of your hair transplant over 6 or 10 months – whichever works best for you. 

We know that if you’re struggling with hair loss, you’ll be keen to start the process as soon as possible. Financing treatment means there are no delays, as it doesn’t require a significant initial outlay of cash – so you’re just that bit closer to achieving the hair you’ve been hoping for and regaining your confidence. 


Why are hair transplants expensive? 


As the saying goes, you get what you pay for – and this is certainly true of hair transplants. Hair transplants are long procedures, often around 5 or 6 hours, and can involve thousands of grafts being painstakingly transplanted.  

It’s a procedure that takes great skill, so you know you’ll be in safe hands with an expert surgeon, plus the team of surgical assistants who will also be there to offer support.  

Quality comes at a price, which is why when you’re faced with too-good-to-be-true hair transplant deals in countries such as Turkey, you should question what corners they are cutting to be able to offer such low prices. 

It may be more costly at reputable clinics in the UK but spreading the cost can make it easier for a lot of people, as opposed to paying a large sum upfront. 


How do I apply for hair transplant finance? 


Applying for finance for your hair transplant is a quick and simple process that you can do at home. It only takes a matter of minutes and usually gives you an instant decision. Please note finance is only available to UK residents and those over the age of 18.  

The repayments depend upon the amount borrowed and the terms of the loan, but there are no hidden costs involved – take a look at our finance page to find out more.  

If you have any further questions about applying for finance, please get in touch

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