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How to Know an FUE Hair Transplant is Right for You

POSTED: 05 December 2019

Did you know that men in the UK are amongst the largest number to suffer from balding or baldness? Approximately four in ten men in the UK will suffer from hair loss at some point during their lives. 

But please don’t worry. If you’re currently suffering from hair loss or fear it could be genetically passed down, there are ways to combat the problem and prevent it from harnessing your confidence. 

Fortunately, thanks to pioneering techniques, it is now possible to fully regain lost hair through various hair transplant methods, including FUE. If you’re already considering hair restoration surgery, you must research hair loss and procedures such as an FUE hair transplant first. 

FUE hair transplant is one of the most popular choices, as the technique is more sophisticated and beneficial for those with short hairstyles. 

Below are some of the most important things you need to know about the procedure.  


Why Are You Losing Your Hair? 


There are various reasons why people lose their hair, but at the age of 30, many men will experience hair loss beginning to take hold. The rate at which it sheds will, of course, differ case by case. By the age of 50, the signs of hair loss are usually visible. By 70, men can lose nearly four-fifths of the follicles on their scalp. There a few reasons this could happens, such as Male Pattern Baldness and Alopecia.  


Male Pattern Baldness  


Male pattern baldness is a genetic condition that is determined by male hormones. 

Male pattern baldness begins as a receding hairline. As your hairline retreats, it will become the shape of the letter M. Over time, the ‘M’ shape will develop into a horseshoe pattern.


Alopecia Areata


Alopecia Areata is another common reason people suffer from severe hair loss. This condition affects both men and women, although women tend to suffer with it later in life.  

Alopecia causes the body to attack its hair follicles mistakenly. It is an auto-immune disease that results not just in losing a few hairs, but substantial amounts of them.  

The amount of hair a person loses depends on their genetics, and it's not possible to determine what the issue is from the type of hair loss alone.  

Sufferers should determine what’s causing hair loss, as this is a critical consideration for FUE hair transplant. 


Why Choose A FUE Hair Transplant?


Following your research into hair loss, it’s easier to gauge what takes place during the different hair transplant procedures, such as a Follicular Unit Extraction. 

A Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE hair transplant), is a common surgical procedure that is recognised for being as minimally invasive as possible and leaving little to no scarring. FUE hair transplants are also less painful than its predecessor, the FUT transplant, which involves moving strips of skin. 

During an FUE hair transplant, healthy hair follicles from a donor area, which are individually moved across into the affected area. This is a highly delicate procedure that takes around eight hours to perform. Fortunately, Crown Clinic’s Dr Shahmalak has a highly experienced hair transplant surgeon.  


What Are the Other Benefits for Having an FUE Hair Transplant? 


There are many other benefits for choosing to undergo an FUE hair transplant procedure. These include: 

  • Micro-incisions create minimal scarring. 
  • Recovery time takes around one week. 
  • The results look natural. 
  • As FUE hair transplants only require small incisions patients can undertake another procedure. 

If you’d like to learn more about a FUE hair transplant procedure, contact Crown Clinic today to arrange a consultation.  

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