How men hide their receding hairline

POSTED: 20 September 2013

You may have seen reports in the press about how the Chancellor George Osborne has been hiding his receding hairline.

Here is a report explaining his recent change of hairstyle.

Osborne is 42 and like a lot of men approaching middle-age, his hair is starting to recede at the temples.

His new sweep forward hairstyle may temporarily hide the extent of his baldness but it won't bring back the lost hair.

As our surgeon Asim Shahmalak makes clear, the only long-term solution to his hair troubles is a hair transplant.

We specialise in the two most popular techniques at the Crown Clinic - FUE and FUT - and either would be suitable for the Chancellor.

He is not the only member of the Cabinet with thinning hair.

The Prime Minister David Cameron also has a growing bald patch on his crown. You can see it here.

Cameron has tried a political cover-up of his own by sweeping his hair over his bald patch to cover it up.

At Crown Clinic we also specialise in providing hair transplants to cover-up crown baldness.

Take a look at what we did for the Homes Under The Hammer presenter Martin Roberts.

We were able to cover-up his the baldness on his crown with an FUE transplant - similar to the procedure which Wayne Rooney had.

Martin was delighted with the results.

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