How having shorter hair can make you look four years younger, according to Crown Clinic research

POSTED: 13 September 2017

We put out some new research from Crown Clinic this week in how having shorter hair can make men and women look younger.

Women can shave four years off their age by cutting their hair shorter like the Duchess of Cambridge, according to new research
* Men can lop three years off their age by copying Harry Styles and adopting a shorter cut;

* Longer hair is harder to maintain and more likely to show off women’s biggest ageing factor - grey roots at the bottom of dyed hair;

* Biggest ageing factor for men was growing their hair longer to cover up bald spot

* Research by Crown Clinic in Manchester, Britain's leading hair transplant centre;


Cutting hair shorter like the Duchess of Cambridge makes women look four years younger, according to new research.
And men can shave three years off their age by copying Harry Styles and adopting a shorter cut, too.
Two-thirds of those surveyed (64%) said that shorter hair had an anti-ageing effect on women.
And a clear majority (58%) said men looked younger with cropped hair, too.
Half of respondents (54%) said that longer hair was harder to take care of -  and poorly maintained hair was one of the biggest ageing factors.
And 74% of those polled said that it was more difficult to disguise greying if you wear your hair long.
The biggest ageing factor of all for women - chosen by 57% of those polled - was grey roots showing up in dyed hair.
Men’s biggest ageing factor was growing hair long to cover up bald spots.
The results are from a survey of 1,000 people by Crown Clinic in Manchester, Britain’s leading hair transplant centre.
The research found that long hair on women which hangs down on both sides creates a vertical focus, adding more gravity to the face.
The Duchess of Cambridge, 35, stunned the fashion world by unveiling a drastically shorter hairstyle this summer.
The pregnant royal lopped three inches off the length in a new shoulder-skimming cut which was styled in soft, loose curls.
Other female celebrities who have switched from long to shorter hair and looked younger as a result include Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, Cheryl Tweedy, Kim Kardashian, Emma Watson and Kirsten Dunst.
Harry Styles, 23, radically changed his appearance for the summer blockbuster Dunkirk, chopping off his shoulder-length hair for a spikier, cropped look.
Other male stars who have switched from long to shorter hair in the course of their careers and benefitted by looking younger include George Clooney, David Beckham, Brad Pitt and Zac Efron.
Crown Clinic hair transplant Asim Shahmalak said: “Hair is the most important factor in ageing us all.
“Get your hair right and you can take years off your age.
“This is evident in female style icons like the Duchess of Cambridge who looks younger and fresher with her shorter hair.
“Men can radically change their appearance by updating their hairstyle, too. The biggest mistake they can make is going for a comb-over like Bobby Charlton or David Cameron to cover up their baldness.
“Far better to either shave the head like Jason Statham, so people cannot tell just how bald you are, or take the option of increasing number of celebrities such as Calum Best and have a hair transplant.”
Dr Shahmalak’s other celebrity clients include the Gogglebox star Chris Steed, Homes Under The Hammer presenter Martin Roberts, football pundit Didi Hamann and TV doctor Christian Jessen.
There has been a 40% increase in men seeking hair transplants in the last five years and a key factor has been the ‘Rooney effect’ with young men in particular following the lead of the former England soccer captain in having a hair transplant. 

Top five female celebrities who look younger with shorter hair

1 Duchess of Cambridge
2 Taylor Swift
3 Jennifer Lawrence
4 Anne Hathaway
5 Halle Berry

Top five factors ageing women’s hair

1 Grey roots showing through hair dye
2 Over bleaching
3 Dark, one dimensional colour
4 A blunt fringe
5 Fine hair

Top five male celebrities who look younger with shorter hair

1 Harry Styles
2 David Beckham
3 George Clooney
4 Brad Pitt
5 Zac Efron

Top five factors ageing men’s hair

1 Growing it longer to cover baldness
2 Grey roots
3 A ponytail
4 Curtain-style longer hair
5 Fine hair

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