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Head Scratchers FAQs: Will hair loss ever be cured?

POSTED: 22 August 2019

Wondering if a cure for hair loss will ever be found? 

It may be working for Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and heavyweight hardman Tyson Fury, but for many men, baldness is a curse.

For centuries, scientists across the globe have searched for a cure, confident that a breakthrough discovery would lead them to fame and riches. However, a miracle solution still evades them.

Below, we look at some of the current options for those suffering with their scalp.


You may be familiar with several television adverts for hair loss shampoos which claim to help reduce hair loss. Many of them contain caffeine, amino acids, antioxidants and various serums which claim to ‘rebuild’ hair. However, the jury is still out on whether these potions have any effect on reducing hair loss.

Miracle Cures

Earlier this year, scientists claimed to have cured baldness via stem cell use. During the trials, human cells were grafted on to mice to some success. However, the rate at which these findings will be transferable to humans and find their way to market is unclear.


At the time of writing, there are several potential chemical solutions to this physical problem, but they are renowned for having drastic side effects. Minoxidil causes extreme dizziness and drowsiness, whilst finasteride is known to cause impotence, swelling and weakness amongst other issues.


Losing hair can be a daunting experience for both men and women, but it is a simple fact of life for a large percentage of the population.

For many, a wig or hairpiece is a viable option and there are many types of synthetic wigs available today. However, there are several drawbacks including, wear and tear (they last up to 9 months) and discomfort.

Hair Transplants

In recent years the advances in hair transplants treatments means that it is safer and more affordable than ever to undergo the treatment. A successful transplant will restore your hair to its natural glory and give you back the confidence of your youth.

The procedure can be swift, depending on your case it can be completed in as little as four hours and in most cases, it’s fine to return to work the following week. To see the full effect, patients usually wait around nine months, before thick, full hair begins to show.

So, if you’re longing for luscious locks or pining for a perm, for now, a hair transplant is your best bet. If you’d like to find out more about the procedure contact our office today and arrange a consultation.

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