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FAQs On Hair Loss

POSTED: 29 July 2013

Worried about hair loss? If you’re someone who is really concerned about the process of hair loss and find yourself constantly questioning different things regarding the process of hair loss occurring, it’s helpful to take some time to clear up these questions.
Here are some of  the most commonly asked questions about hair loss and what you need to know.

What Causes Hair Loss To Occur?

There are many different factors that can lead to hair loss, so it’s difficult to pinpoint it on just one thing.  Hair loss can be attributed to various environmental conditions such as excess heat or cold temperatures, as well as humidity changes, further still, the diet that you eat on a day to day basis, how much stress you are experiencing on a week to week basis, and whether certain prescription drugs you’re taking have hair loss as a side effect. Therefore ensuring small changes in your lifestyle, such as a healthy diet, and limiting the amount of stress you are under can have a positive impact on your hair line.
Finally, don’t discount the factor of genetics and hereditary factors as these too will often lead to accelerated hair loss in certain cases.  If you eat a healthy diet and make sure that you keep your hair nourished, by not exposing it to harsh temperatures, such as constantly adding heat to your hair through the form of hair dryers or straightners, this should help keep your hair feeling rich and healthy.

How Much Hair Loss Is Normal?

Everyone will lose some hair on a day to day basis as it’s a natural part of the hair growth cycle. But, how can you tell when hair loss stars to get more excessive?
The big thing to watch out for is your day to day activities. Are you finding that you’ve started noticing a much higher amount of hair on your pillow or in your brush when you use it?
Do you shower and blow dry only to find large amounts of hair coming out? If you’re starting to see more of your scalp then you previously could this could then mean reason for concern and your hair is not only coming out but also thinning.
You can quite easily get your hair line checked out by a professional who will be able to give you a clear answer if this is the case.

Are Shampoos And Lotions Effective For Combating Hair Loss?

Another question people often wonder is whether the shampoos and conditions they see lining shelves are really that effective for helping to promote hair retention. Can they stop hair loss from taking place?
The truth on this one is that certain shampoos and lotions that are specially formulated can be helpful in treating and managing hair loss. It’s vital that you do look at their ingredients however to note whether they have specific active ingredients that have been proven to help stop hair loss and stimulate the greater growth of new hair.
Shampoos that you use for stopping hair loss should be enriched with multiple vitamins and minerals as these will be important for nourishing your hair and avoiding the loss that typically takes place. They can also help to strengthen the hair as well, protecting against breakage from occurring.

Will Food Supplements Help For Hair Loss?

Finally, the last question you may ask yourself is whether food supplements will assist with stopping hair loss.  In many cases, they can help as most of us are running significant food deficiencies with our diet, but keep in mind that often just using food supplements won’t be enough.
If you’re very low in a particular nutrient such as iron, that will definitely have a marked effect on hair loss however, so it all depends on your deficiency level and whether this is the primary cause of hair loss in the first place.

So there you have a few of the most commonly asked questions about hair loss to know and remember. If you spot these signs early then there is a greater chance that you can have treatments to manage the hair you still have and maintain it, to prevent further hair loss. In some instances however, hair transplants are available for those who find that certain hair loss products have no effect.

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