Crown Clinic surgeon Asim’s Shahmalak’s new mercy mission to Pakistan

POSTED: 13 June 2017

Crown Clinichair transplant surgeon Asim Shahmalak is embarking on a new mercy mission to Pakistan to help the victims of acid attacks.

He is spending £50,000 of his own money operating on six patients who were either attacked by acid or were badly disfigured by burning.

He is going to Pakistan in September for the trip where he will perform eyelash transplants, eyebrow transplants and hair transplants on the patients.

This new trip has recieved considerable media coverage including these pieces:

Here are full details of some of the people he is helping.

A brave young mum shows how her face was horrifically disfigured in an acid attack - by the jealous man whose marriage proposal she turned down.
Sidra Kanwal's three-year-old son initially refused to live with her after she was hurt because he was afraid to even look at her.
She said: "I cry all the time - this tragedy has distanced me from my beloved son.
"He ran away and refused to talk to me. He seemed afraid of even looking at me. I have been stripped of my identity."
Sidra was attacked by a 22-year-old man who had asked to marry her days before.
She turned down the proposal because it would have taken her away from her family.
The man would not take no for an answer and confronted Sidra on her way to work at a clothes factory in Karachi, Pakistan.
She said: "He said: 'Will you marry marry me?' I said: 'I don't want to marry you. I want to earn a living to provide for me son.'
"He then showed me a bottle of acid he was carrying and threatened to commit suicide if he was jilted.
"He told me: 'If you're not going to marry me then I will leave you unable to marry anyone else,' before throwing the acid over my face.
"I felt severe paid and my heart stopped beating for a few moments and I couldn't breathe."
Her attacker was quickly caught and is in jail, but Sidra's ordeal was far from over.
The acid - which can be bought for as little as 15p a bottle with no questions asked in the streets near where she was attacked - seared her nostrils together.
It means that the only way she can breathe through her nose is through a white plastic tube which she wears all the time.
Surgeons are now trying to rebuild Sidra's face.
Sidra, now back living with her son, is one of six patients being helped by the Manchester-based hair transplant surgeon Asim Shahmalak who is spending £50,000 of his own money
on a mercy mission to Pakistan.
Dr Shahmalak, from Crown Clinic in Manchester, will carry out an eyelash transplant on Sidrah's left eyelid.
Other patients he is helping on the trip include: 
* Sana Naz, 24, who lost both eyebrows and most of her eyelashes in an acid attack by a former male friend;
* Waqar Ali, 22, who lost his left eye, eyelid and most of his left eyebrow after being doused in acid last year;
* Niaz Bano, 52, who was attacked with acid ten years ago after a family row and now needs reconstruction work to her left eyebrow and eyelash.
Dr Shahmalak is also helping patients hurt in accidents including Arzoo Iobal, 20, who suffered serious facial scarring and lost most of her left eyebrow after collapsing on a hot plate following a fit; Reshma Rashid, 42, who lost both her eyebrows when a gas cylinder exploded; and Salma Hanif, who lost her left eye after a cooking accident.
All the patients were happy to share their stories to raise awareness of what little help is available in Pakistan for patients suffering these type of injuries.
Dr Shahmalak, a skilled former NHS surgeon, is best known for his work with celebrities including model Calum Best, Gogglebox's Chris Steed and Homes Under The Hammer star Martin Roberts who have all had hair transplants at Crown Clinic.
He funded a previous mercy mission to help acid attack victims in Karachi two years ago.
He said: "I wept when I heard their stories. Being doused with acid because you turned down a man's marriage proposal - people were treated better in the Middle Ages.
"Helping to rebuild their faces is some of the most rewarding work that I do. Just seeing their smiles after the surgery makes it all worthwhile.
"There is so much more work to do. I am just glad that I am able to make a difference to these people's lives.
"This is payback time for me for the fantastic medical training I received when I was growing in Pakistan which I have used for the benefit of patients in the years since in the NHS and in my private clinic.
Father-of-two Dr Shahmalak, who was born in Karachi but moved to the UK after qualifying as a doctor, lives in Cheadle, Manchester, with his wife Rubina, a GP.
As well as carrying out the transplants, he will help to train local doctors and technicians in his techniques so that his work could carry on at local hospitals on his return to Britain.
Dr Shahmalak said: "They had given up hope of ever getting help because the Government in Pakistan cannot afford to do anything for them. We were their last hope.
“They are not accepted by society because of their disfigurement. They cannot get jobs and, in some case, they have been disowned by their families and left to beg on the streets."
Dr Shahmalak was introduced to the patients by the Karachi-based charity Depilex Smile Again whose founder Masarrat Misbah has worked tirelessly to help victims of acid attacks.
One of the women he helped previously was Kanwal Qayyum, 29, who lost her nose after being doused with sulphuric acid while she slept by a jealous friend.
Surgeons have spent the past 10 years painstakingly rebuilding her face including remodelling her nose with tissue from her thigh.
Dr Shahmalak created new eyebrows and eyelashes for her and she said after the treatment: "I cannot thank the doctor enough. He completely transformed my face and I love my new eyebrows and new eyelashes."

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