Crown Clinic client Calum Best

POSTED: 09 December 2014

Regular readers of this blog will know that Crown Clinic  has a lot of celebrity clients.

One star who we have worked with over several years is Calum Best - son of the late legendary footballer George Best

Calum is a highly successful model and actor with his own ranges in fragrance and sports nutrition.

Calum's brand depends on him looking good.

Since his early 20s, Calum - now aged 33 - has been losing his hair.

Unlike most men Calum's hair loss does not appear to be hereditary - we all know what a fine head of hair his dad George had.

Calum realised that to remain a successful model and actor he needed help with his hair and he contacted our surgeon Asim Shahmalak to see if he could help.

Over the last three years, Calum's hair has been bolstered by FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedures at Crown Clinc.

Calum has publicly thanked Dr Shahmalak for his helping in combating his baldness.

You can read about Calum's preparations for his new procedure here:

Dr Shahmalak said: "People in the public eye need to look good. How many bald Hollywood heart-throbs are there?

"Calum realised very quickly that he needed expert help to combat his baldness. We were only to happy to help him.

"We have bolstered the front of his hairline and enabled him to keep the same spiked hair style he had as a teenager.

"This would not have been possible without the successful hair transplants he has received at Crown Clinic."

There are rumours now that Calum is going to be appearing on the TV show Celebrity Big Brother when it returns to our TV screens on January 5.

The Daily Mirror has done a piece speculating on Calum's involvement.

We have no idea if Calum is going to be on Celebrity Big Brother.

But if he is, we wish him every success. He will be a great success on the show because he is a lovely man who viewers will warm to. 

He is a great example of a celebrity who refused to accept that there was nothing he could do to combat his baldness. Calum bolstered his hair with hair transplants and is in demand more than ever as a brand ambassador and star of TV.

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