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4 Ways you know you’re ready for a hair transplant

POSTED: 19 July 2017

Making that final, all important decision to get a hair transplant isn’t one that can be made overnight. There are many factors you need to take into consideration, from financial aspects to how the procedure will change how you feel about yourself and your life.

Taking the plunge into any cosmetic surgery can have a world of benefits, both mentally and physically. The question is, how do you actually know you’re ready for the commitment? We take a look at 4 ways you’ll know that it is finally time to make the decision to book your hair transplant and how it can change your life.


It’s all you can think about

One of the most obvious signs is that it is all you can think about, day in, day out. When you wake up in the morning, is your receding hairline all you can see in the mirror? Is it at the forefront of your mind when you’re primping for a big night out?

If your hair is an area that upsets you or instantly makes you feel bad about yourself, it’s time to make a change. Book your consultation and find out how you can dramatically change your mindset. 


You want to actively boost confidence and self-esteem

Many of our patients have told us how their confidence and self-esteem have sky-rocketed after their procedure. Take Embarrassing Bodies, Doctor Christian Jessen. TV’s favourite doctor had this to say after receiving his second hair transplant ‘I am very pleased that I had it done again – it has been very empowering for me’. He also mentioned how many men are reluctant to take the leap, out of fear of being judged.


Getting a hair transplant is a very personal journey and when it comes to being happy in your own skin, it’s important to make the decisions that are right for you. It can be hard to tune out the negativity or judgemental comments of others, but ultimately, you need to do what makes you the happiest version of you.


You want to make a lifestyle change

You may have realised that you want to make the most of life and live it to its fullest, this often ties in with boosting your self-esteem, to give you the confidence to take risks. Getting a hair transplant can have a huge, positive effect on your mental wellbeing and can often give you the courage to make those bigger life changes.



You’re looking to make a big change in your career

Many studies have shown that a hair transplant can help you make your way up the career ladder. Celebrities like James Nesbitt and John Thompson have talked about how their careers have seen a boost thanks to their hair transplants.


This boost can often be attributed to the patient’s increase in confidence, giving them the courage to make riskier and more beneficial changes in their careers. 

If you feel like you’ve finally reached a point in life where you want to make this change and reap the rewards of a hair transplant, get in touch with us to book your consultation! We’ll help you plan your procedure, give you all the information you need to take that final step and guide you on your way to increased self-confidence!

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