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Coping With Hair Loss

Has TV’s Mark Wright had a hair transplant?

Mark Wright is one of the best groomed men on TV. 

He first rose to fame on the ITV reality show The Only Way Is Essex, where all the men have immaculate hair.

He was the stand-out star of TOWIE before switching to fronting his own TV shows.

He can currently be seen hosting Take Me Out: The Gossip, the ITV2 spin off show for the…

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The Trainspotting star in need of a hair transplant

Jonny Lee Miller was cast as the heart-throb in the original Trainspotting movie.

Even more than his co-star Ewan McGregor, Lee Miller, as the peroxide-haired Sick Boy, was seen as the male 'eye candy' who would help sell the film to female cinema goers.

Since that first movie way back in 1996, Lee Miller and McGregor's careers have gone in very different directions ahead of the new…

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The confidence killer: Women are more affected by hair loss than men

Hair loss can affect people in many different ways. Some casually accept it and carry on, but for others it’s much more of a concern, particularly when it comes to their confidence.

We recently carried out a survey and discovered that, while both men and women can be affected emotionally when it comes to losing their hair, women are affected much more than men. But why is this…

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Does Your Hair Define You?

Ever wondered why as soon as a new hair style becomes popular, or someone fancies a bit of change in their appearance, they rush to the hair dresses the minute they can?  Why they are so keen to change a hairstyle and colour and cut that they have possibly quite happily been sporting for quite a while?

Or while Donald Trump, despite all his riches, is still embarrassed…

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Coping with Hair Loss

If you’re currently coping with hair loss and possibly considering a hair transplant, it’s important that you learn a few tips for dealing with all of this so that it doesn’t impact you on such an emotional level.

Make no mistake about it, hair loss is something that does impact a large number of people in a major way – after all, for many men, it almost becomes…

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