What to Expect From a Hair Transplant

POSTED: 21 June 2013

If you’ve just undergone a hair transplant or are thinking of having this done but not quite sure what you can expect from it, getting the right information will be important.

Let’s walk you through the main things that you’ll notice when you undergo a hair transplant so that you can make sure that you are well-prepared.

First Week

During the first week after the procedure, some people will find that the area is a little more sensitive and some minor pain may be felt which includes numbing. Most of this pain is very well tolerated however, so shouldn’t cause you too much of an issue. You would be provided with a mild analgesic to help control and manage the numbness.
In addition to this, you may experience some slight swelling, which will usually peak after about 48 hours and then start to go down from there. 
Some redness may be present, but again, it’ll die down after a good amount of time has elapsed.

Second Week

During the second week after the treatment, you can now expect to see some of your scabs coming off that formed during the first week.
In addition to this, stubbles of hair will now be visible in the area once the scabs are removed, so you can see the results of the treatment occurring.
There may still be some pinkish color tones, which will be muted down from the red during the first week. There would be no visible scarring occurring and any marks you once saw on your scalp would be covered by the new hair growth.

Three Weeks Out

During the three week mark, you may start to see some shedding of the transplanted hair and the grafts will enter a temporary dormant phase.
Some people during this phase may experience a bit of a ‘hair shock’, where hair may thin out. Take note that this is only temporary, so not something to get concerned over. But it is important that each patient is informed of what could occur, but may not necessarily happen.

The First Three Months

During the first three months, some patients will start to see hair growth. How much depends on the person, but most will experience noticeable changes and the hair will appear to be more fine and thin.
Over time, this will grow thicker, so again, it’s nothing to get worried about.

Four To Six Months

As the half year mark nears after treatment, your hair should be growing back in place and should be between 1-2 inches in length.
Thickening will have started to occur and you may now be able to start styling this new hair.

Six Months To One Year

During the second half of the year after treatment, most patients will now be seeing impressive results from their treatment and will be styling their new hair with ease.
The hair that is growing back will also be denser than the hair that was formerly in its place so that’s an added benefit that you will no doubt enjoy.
As hair continues to grow, many patients will go on to get hair cuts that they formerly were not able to sustain, using their new hair to form the shape of the style.

So as you can see, getting a Hair Transplant Procedure is a fairly seamless process and while the first few weeks to month you may not see the results you had hoped for, it is just a matter of patience and the hair will really be taking shape as the one year mark comes around.  You will not only look like a new person but you may feel like a new person too.

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