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POSTED: 11 November 2013

Everyone who works in the hair transplant business is very grateful to Wayne Rooney.

Not only is he a wonderful footballer but he is a fantastic role model for hair transplant patients.

Wayne was incredibly brave when he went public with his first hair transplant more than two years ago.

He happily tweeted a picture of himself after the operation and made it clear that he'd had the treatment because he was worried about losing his hair at such a young age - just 26 at the time.

Since then, Wayne has had a second transplant, and he looked to have a fine head of hair when he starred in Manchester United's victory over Arsenal on Sunday.

Now a new survey has revealed that Wayne's openness about his treatment has lead to an 280% increase in men seeking transplants.

This is not a surprise to us at the Crown Clinic: men often come here for either FUE or FUT hair transplants and explain that they were inspired to seek help by Wayne's example.

The real impact Wayne has had is in persuading YOUNGER men that there is no embarrassment in having a hair transplant.

The fact is: 30% of men will experience hair loss before they are 30 and the ONLY long-term solution to the problem is a hair transplant.

Wayne is worth millions and has the best advisers any footballer could wish for. He looked at all the available options and realised that his only option was a transplant.

Wayne has twice had the FUE procedure - it is more expensive and involving than FUT. Under FUE individual follicles are removed from the back or the side of the scalp and then replanted in the balding area - in Wayne's case, on the top of his scalp.

FUE suits men like Wayne who like to wear their hair short. There is a small chance that, under the FUT procedure where a strip of follicles is removed from the scalp for replanting, a small scar is visible in men who shave their heads or wear their hair short. It is not visible if you wear your hair longer.

Crown Clinic surgeon Asim Shahmalak - a keen Manchester United fan - said Wayne was rightly seen as a role model to millions.

Dr Shahmalak said: "I admire Wayne so much. He is wonderful father and footballer and he has done so much for the hair transplant industry, too. So many men have come forward to have transplants as a result of Wayne's bravery in being so open about his treatment.

"What has been so refreshing is that there has been virtually no negative comments about Wayne's two procedures. Most ordinary people simply think, 'Good for you, Wayne - you are sorting out your hair and have found a cure for your baldness. Well done son!"

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