The Hidden Dangers Of Cheap Hair Transplants

POSTED: 13 April 2017

As a society, we love to find a bargain and if we have the chance to save some money, we will usually take it. However, choosing a budget price over a quality product isn’t always the best idea.

When it comes to your health, no corners should be cut and risks should be cut and risks should never be taken. Opting for cheap surgery can not only give you undesired results, but many can cause long-lasting damage to the scalp.

At Crown Clinic, we want your FUE hair transplant to give you confidence and boost your self-esteem. A cheap or budget hair transplant can have the complete opposite effect and so to give you as much information as possible, we take a look at some of the reasons a cheap hair transplant just isn’t worth the risk.


Travelling for cheap hair transplants

Many budget hair transplants are offered in Turkey, with the country having well over 500 clinics. However, many of these are unlicensed and carry out the procedures illegally. It is these clinics that can be the biggest risk and often offer ‘the best’ deals. 

Some overseas clinics in India and Turkey, for example, offer surgeries from as little as £1500, however, these procedures are often done by under-qualified or inexperienced surgeons. 


Researching the clinic and surgeon

A simple search for the name of the clinic and the surgeon should bring up multiple results that you can use to determine the legitimacy of the clinic.

You can also look into using social media as a resource for information and reviews. If someone has previously used the clinic and had a negative experience, they will often make it known on Twitter. YouTube can also help to provide videos of patients talking about their own experiences. These platforms are also international, so you can gather a wide scope of different opinions. 


Choosing quality over price

In our daily lives, we will often choose cheaper or budget products in order to save money. Shopping around and scouring the internet has become the norm, whenever we are faced with a large purchase.

Although you can often get a quality product for a lower price, budget hair transplants can have a severe effect on your health, as well as the overall result of your transplant, too. There have been many reports over the recent years about patients having their hair transplants abroad and being left with devastating results. In these cases, it can end up costing them even more, to correct the procedure and get the results they initially desired.    


What could the long term risks be? 

Many people who have experienced negative overseas experiences find that they are left with patchy results, extreme shedding and in some cases, severe damage to the donor area.

Overharvesting is a big issue within unlicensed clinics and this can permanently damage the donor area, leaving the patient unable to wear their hair short. This can dramatically affect confidence, which is the opposite of what many transplant patients are looking for when getting the surgery.

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