The 20 most popular reasons why we have bad hair days

POSTED: 31 December 2013

We sometimes do polling at Crown Clinic to find out the issues that concern our patients.

And one issue concerning hair often comes up - why do I keep having 'bad hair days'?

We thought it would be fun to find out the top 20 reasons - and the resulting story attracted lots of coverage including this piece in the Daily Express:


Our surgeon Asim Shahmalak explained: "We've all woken up in the morning and found it impossible to make our hair look good.

"Many people think this is just down to bad luck and there is nothing they can do to prevent bad hair days.
"But there are lots of simple ways to improve the health of your hair - the key is good diet, limiting stress and not damaging your hair
through over bleaching."

Dr Shahmalak said that thinning hair  - particularly amongst women - was a big reason for bad hair days.
He said: "Thinning hair is not just a problem for men - around 40% of
women experience some kind of hair loss in their lives, compared to
65% of men.

"Sometimes this happens temporarily in women due to pregnancy or
illness but many women suffer permanent hair loss which can be
enormously damaging to their self esteem.

"We have seen a big rise in women seeking hair transplants as a
permanent solution to the problem.

"Men with thinning hair have three solutions to avoid a bad hair days.
Either they shave their head like Bruce Willis.

"Or they try to comb over their bald spot like the Prime Minister
David Cameron who has covered up a growing bald spot on his crown in
this way.

"Or they change their hair style completely and comb it forward like
the Chancellor George Osborne, who joked that this was his way of
halting the recession of his hair.

"Sadly none of these methods will bring back their lost hair - only a
hair transplant can do that."

Top 20 reasons for bad hair days

1 I got out of bed the wrong side ie bad luck

2 The weather

3 Having a lie-in - not having enough time to prepare

4 Hangovers

5 Thinning hair - in both men and women

6 Poor hair products

7 Grey roots showing in dyed hair

8  Illness

9 Hair is too greasy

10  I need a haircut

11 Blow drying too much

12 Poor diet

13 Drinking too much alcohol

14 Wrong shampoo

15 Time of the month

16 The comb-over just isn't working

17 Taking the pill - this can cause hair to thin

18  Over bleaching

19 Poor hair dye

20 Change of routine - sleeping at another person's house

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