Gordon Ramsay’s new hair transplant

POSTED: 01 May 2014

New pictures of Gordon Ramsay attending Victoria Beckham's 40th birthday meal show that he has had a second hair transplant, according to Crown Clinic's surgeon Asim Shahmalak.
The back of Ramsay's hair had been shaved and he had red pin pricks at the bottom of his hairline as he left The Art Club in London's Dover Street last weekend.

The media so contacted Dr Shahmalak to find out what procedure Gordon had had. You can read Asim's comments and see pictures of Ramsay following the procedure here in this article from the Daily Express:


Dr Shahmalak  said that Ramsay had almost certainly had a second hair transplant - and he has undergone a similar procedure to Wayne Rooney.
The key sign of hair transplant surgery on Ramsay is the shaved back of the head and the red pin pricks at the bottom of his hairline, which are tell-tale signs of an FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure, according to Dr Shahmalak, hair loss expert on TV's Embarrassing Bodies.
Dr Shahmalak said: "It seems almost certain to me that Gordon Ramsay had had a second hair transplant.
"He had his first procedure in Los Angeles three years ago and was famously pictured with David Beckham showing swelling around his eyes - which can happen to have some hair transplant patients.
"This time, he has had an FUE procedure similar to Wayne Rooney's two hair transplants. I have performed FUEs on Calum Best and also Martin Roberts from the BBC1 property show Homes Under The Hammer.
"Under FUE, the head is shaved and then individual follicles are harvested from an area of the scalp where the hair is abundant - normally the back or the side of the head. In Ramsay's case, the hair has been harvested from the back of the head - which is why you can see all the red pin pricks where the follicles have been removed.
"There are two to three individual hairs in each follicle and these and then replanted by the surgeon into the area of the head where the patient is showing signs of male pattern baldness.
"It is not clear where the transplanted hair has been placed in Ramsay's case. The long fringe combed forward may be covering the recipient area where he has had worked performed. Basically, he will have bolstered a receding hairline. He may have had work on his crown, too."
Dr Shahmalak said the the reason Ramsay has had a second hair transplant is because hair loss is a continual process.
He said: "The hair Ramsay has transplanted is permanent and will stay in place for the rest of his life. However, unless he takes a medically proven treatment such as Propecia, Ramsay will continue to lose his natural hair. That is why he has needed a second transplant.
"If he takes Propecia, he has a better chance of holding on to his natural and avoiding further surgery.
"It is worth bearing in mind that around 2% of patients suffer side effects from taking Propecia. It can take the edge off a patient's aggression, which might be a welcome side-effect for a man as short-tempered as Ramsay. However, a small number of patients say their sex drive diminishes. I'm not sure that Ramsay would welcome that!"
Dr Shahmalak said that the early signs were that Ramsay's second procedure had been a success.
He said: "It looks like he has had an excellent result, and it is great news that he is being quite open about having a procedure and not hiding away. The stigma attached to men having hair transplants has long since passed.
"High profile celebrities such as Wayne Rooney, Calum Best, James Nesbitt and Robbie Williams are making no secret of the fact that they need help with their hair."
Dr Shahmalak said the surge in celebrities having hair transplants had lead to 25% increase in bookings at his Crown Clinic, as ordinary men follow the lead of celebrities in bolstering their hair.
He said: "The whole market has changed in the last five years, thanks to the 'Wayne Rooney effect.' We saw an almost immediate surge in bookings and hundreds of men came forward to follow his lead.
"It has been further bolstered by other celebrities such as Robbie Williams who have also gone public.
"We treat a lot of celebrities at Crown Clinic. They want to look good because they are in the public eye."
Dr Shahmalak's most recent celebrity patient was Christina Jessen, star of Embarrassing Bodies, who has had two transplants at Crown Clinic.
Dr Jessen said: "I was thrilled with the results."

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