Crown Clinic welcomes new eyelash and eyebrow transplant patients

POSTED: 02 April 2014

You may well have seen the recent media coverage about our surgeon Asim Shahamlak performing eyelash and eyebrow transplants.

Mr Shahmalak appeared regularly on national television in a series of reports about his charity trip to Pakistan where he performed brow, lash and hair transplants on six women in Lahore who had suffered horrific acid attacks.

You can read all about it here:

Mr Shahmalak has also been helping increasing numbers of women in the UK who want these procedures.

Often they have overplucked their eyebrows and ended up damaging them irreparably. Some suffer from trichotillomania - a psychological condition which involves sufferers ripping out their natural hair.

Some women simply don't like their natural brows and want a fuller brow like the supermodel Cara Delevingne or the Duchess of Cambridge.

Mr Shahmalak is currently the only surgeon in the UK carrying out eyelash transplants. He performed this procedure for the first time in 2009 on a woman from Manchester.

He has now performed it dozens of times on women who most commonly lose their natural lashes by accidentally ripping them out when removing false lashes.

Crown Clinic's patient Elizabeth Cook recently became the first women in the UK to simultaneously have both an eyelash and eyebrow transplant.

You can read her story her:

Both procedures only take around 2 or 3 hours and cost £4,000.

The women who we have helped at Crown Clinic say they have have been thrilled with the results, and the operations have changed their lives for the better.

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