Crown Clinic surgeon Asim Shahmalak performs live surgery at FUE Europe

POSTED: 06 June 2017

Crown Clinic surgeon Asim Shahmalak recently returned from the FUE Europe Congress in Ankara in Turkey where he performed live surgery on a patient.

You can see Dr Shahmalak - one of the pre-eminent hair transplant surgeons in the world - in action on this link here:

The pictures on this page show Asim with some of the other attendees at the conference.

He is pictured with the renowned Brazilian hair transplant surgeon Carlos Calixto and the respected South Korean hair transplant surgeon Dr Kyuho Lee from Seoul.

Also there were two excellent technicians Kim and Safon who helped Dr Shahmalak to perform the surgery. 

This was the 6th Congress of the European Organization of Hair Restoration Professionals.

The very best hair transplant surgeons from all over the world gather at this annual event to exchange ideas, new techniques and further develop excellence in hair transplantation.

Dr Shahmalak is such a respected figure in the community that he was invited to perform live surgery at this year's event in Turkey.

Dr Shahmalak travels all over the world to events of this kind to share his knowledge and learn from the experiences of his peers.

It is why he is such a respected figure in the world of hair transplantation.

At this year's event - held last month at the J W Marriott Hotel in Ankara - one of the speakers was Dr John Cole from Atlanta, Georgia, who is one of the world leaders in FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplantation techniques.

Other subjects discussed at the event included the first turbo implanter and the use of the stem cell-promoted regeneration of hair cells. 

Many other lecturers and workshops were performed by specialsts from all over the world, illustrating how new innovations in hair transplantation are bringing real practical benefits to patients.

Dr Shahmalak said: "It is wonderful to meet brilliant surgeons like Carlos Calixto and Kyuho Lee and share our knowledge.  Hair transplantation techniques have improved so much in the last 20 years.

"Surgeons are achieving the very best results they ever have - perfectly blending transplanted hair with existing natural hair to make patients feel and look younger and happier.

"These improvements are down to fantastic events such as FUE Europe where we can all pool our knowledge for the benefit of patients. I thank the organisers of this year event and I am already looking forward to next year's."

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