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Crown Clinic In the News

Posted in on Fri, April 11, 2014

It was another busy week of media coverage for Crown Clinic.

You may have read on this blog two weeks ago about the hair dilemma facing Prince Harry as he approaches his 30th birthday in September.

As our surgeon Asim Shahmalak explained in the previous blog, Harry is losing the hair on his crown and needs to seek hair loss treatment if he is not to go the same way as his brother William and substantially lose his hair.

We placed this story int he Daily Star Sunday last weekend and it was featured prominently on page 3 of the newspaper.

Dr Shahmalak explained that it was still too early for Prince Harry to need a hair transplant but he should start taking clinically proven drugs such as Propecia to halt the on-going loss of his natural hair.

it would send out such a positive message to men everywhere if Prince Harry was to seek medical remedies for his male pattern baldness.

Let's hope Harry bites the bullet!

Crown Clinic's patient Elizabeth Cook's story was also featured on the BT.com website. You may recall that Elizabeth became the first patient in the UK to have simultaneous eyebrow and eyelash transplants when Dr Shahmalak operated on her at Crown Clinic last autumn.

You can read more about Elizabeth's story here:


BT.com also did a separate piece on unusual cosmetic procedures featuring two patients from Crown Clinic: Elizabeth Cook and a lovely man who came to us from Ireland for a sideburn transplant.

You can read all about it here: