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Crown Clinic back in the news

Posted in on Thu, November 06, 2014

You may have seen Crown Clinic back in the news over the last two weeks. 

We wanted to see how growing a beard can age a man.

We showed a panel of 300 people various pictures of celebrities with differing stages of facial hair: clean shaven, stubble, cropped beard, full beard, heavy beard as well as with moustaches and goatees where appropriate.

The panel then had a simple job: tell us how old the star looks.

The survey got lots of national coverage. You can read one of the stories here which was shared 3,000 times on Facebook:


The panel found that, in all cases, a beard DOES make a man look older - the heavier the beard, the more the years.

David Beckham, for instance, was adjudged to look 35 when clean shaven but 40 with a beard.

The beard that most aged a celebrity was Roy Keane's recent heavy beard which drew comparisons with Captain Birdseye!

The panel said that Keane looked 40 when clean shaven - three years younger than his real age - but 50 with his bushy beard.

Our surgeon Asim Shahmalak pointed out that many men struggle to grow a full beard like Roy Keane because they have patches in their facial hair.

For that reason, some men undergo beard or sideburn transplants at Crown Clinic. It is one of a number of pioneering treatments we offer including eyebrow and eyelash transplants.