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Crown Clinic back in the news

Posted in on Mon, February 17, 2014

Crown Clinic is very well known throughout the world for its work with famous clients.

Every person who comes to our clinic gets exactly the same high quality treatment but we do enjoy welcoming well-known celebrities to Crown Clinic. They have just the same anxieties about hair loss as anyone else facing baldness.

Last week, our story was published publicising the FUE transplant our surgeon Asim Shahmalak conducted on the Homes Under The Hammer presenter Martin Roberts.

He had exactly the same procedure as the Manchester United footballer WayneRooney.

You can read more about Martin here:


You will have read here about our work with several other celebrities including doctor Christian Jessen and the model Calum Best whose stories are featured elsewhere on this website.

It all does the beg the question: do a higher proportion of celebrities seek hair transplants than non-celebs?

I think the answer to that question is yes!

And there is an obvious reason: if you broadcasting to millions every day like Martin Roberts, you need to look good.

Martin found that he was worrying slightly about his balding crown when he was presenting the BBC1 property show and he wanted to put it right.

He was thrilled with the procedure and strongly believes that the confidence generated by the transplant will be good for his career.

Who are we to argue!