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Crown Clinic patient Chris Steed back on TV on Gogglebox

At Crown Clinic, we are looking forward to the return of Gogglebox on Channel 4 this Friday at 9pm.

Gogglebox is the most popular show on Channel 4 with 4 million weekly viewers.

Two of the most popular stars of the show are hair dresser Chris Steed and his former boyfriend Stephen Webb who have been on the show since it started.

Chris came to…

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Crown Clinic makes headlines around the world with Prince Harry story

Crown Clinic and our surgeon Asim Shahmalak made headlines around the world again last week with our new survey about Prince Harry.

The story was picked up by numerous news outlets in the UK and beyond including the Daily Mail, Daily Express, Daily Mirror and many, many others. 

We thought it would be interesting to do some research about Prince Harry and his brother Prince…

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Jude really benefit from a transplant!

Jude Law was pictured last week showing significant male pattern baldness.

You can see the picture here. He has such significant hair loss deep into his temples so that he has been left with only a small island of hair at the front of his hairline.

Law is quite an unusual Hollywood star.

A hugely talented actor, he has built his career playing 'heart-throb' lead roles…

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Having a hair transplant has been ‘scientifically proved’ to make men more attractive

Some interesting new research was published last week showing that having a hair transplant has been 'scientifically proven' to make men more attractive.

We have know that for a long time at Crown Clinic.

But it is nice to see scientists providing some independent proof.

Scientists found that men struggling with hair loss were rated as more youthful, attractive, successful and approachable after a…

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John Travolta looks years younger after his hair transplant

Congratulations to the Hollywood actor John Travolta who looks years younger after his hair transplant.

Take a look at our pictures of the star before and after his procedure and you can see the transformation in his appearance is remarkable.

He looks years younger.

Stars like Travolta - and Crown Clinic patients such as Calum Best, Christian Jessen, Didi Hamann and
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