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Will my hair suffer from the harvesting of donor hair for a transplant?

Hair transplant procedures are very simple.

Hair is removed from an area of scalp where there is a permanent abundance of hair and transplanted to parts of the scalp which are balding.

No 'new' hair grafts are generated - they are just moved around to better effect. The principle is the same whether a patient is having a FUE (follicular unit extraction ) procedure or a…

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Gordon Ramsay’s recipe for fantastic hair

The celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay was pictured this week showing off a fine head of hair.

For a man of 49, he has a magnificent covering of hair right across his scalp and he is in terrific shape. Well done, Gordon!

The TV star has had well-documented problems with hair loss and has had two hair transplants previously to bolster his hairline.

Crown Clinic

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Showbusiness journalist James Ingham’s successful hair transplant at Crown Clinic

Showbusiness journalist James Ingham came to Crown Clinic for a hair transplant because he was worried about his thinning hair
James meets some of the biggest stars in the world as a celebrity columnist on one of the big Sunday newspapers.
It is important not only that he looks good, but that he feels great about his appearance.
Confidence is everything when it comes…

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Hair Transplants In The Media

The start of 2016 has seen a lot of media and coverage around hair transplants . First of all, Christopher Maloney came back into the limelight after entering Celebrity Big Brother. The former X Factor star has had a total of three different hair transplants as he found that his hair was slowly falling out due to the stress of the live shows during the X Factor.

James Nesbitt was…

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James Nesbitt’s new hair transformation

James Nesbitt appeared at the recent Ballon D'Or football gala last week sporting an extraordinary hairstyle.

The acclaimed TV actor had considerably bolstered his hairline, leading to speculation that he was wearing a hairpiece.

Check out the full set of pictures of James here: 


James has spoken of how he fears his male pattern baldness could harm his career as an actor.

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