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Crown Clinic hair transplant surgeon Asim Shahmalak on new hair transplantation techniques

Crown Clinic's surgeon Asim Shahmalak is often asked his view on new developments in hair transplantation.

You often read about new 'miracle cures' for a baldness and how, in years to come, there will be easy solutions to the problem.

If only it were that simple.

While is true that there are some excting scientific developments in male pattern baldness, don't expect any miracle…

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Wayne Rooney - ‘the one with the hair transplant’

Manchester United legend Eric Cantona caused amusement this week with comments about stars from his former club.

He said: "The Special One, the Swedish One, the expensive one, the one with the hair transplant! All these ones they don't make a whole yet.

"But give them a little credit, football is not a science!"

You can read his full comments here:



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Brief history of hair transplantation and why more Crown Clinic patients are opting for FUE over FUT

Modern hair transplant techniques were first developed in Japan in the 1930s where surgeons used grafts to help restore eyebrow and eyelashes as well as the scalp hair of burns victims. It did not develop as a treatment for male pattern baldness until the 1950s when dermatologist Dr Norman Orentreich planted the first grafts in balding areas.
Techniques progressed from there and follicular unit transplantation (FUT),…

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Food and Supplements for Healthy Hair

While hair loss and thinning can’t be reversed through your diet and supplements, there are plenty of healthy hair boosting vitamins and nutrients found in foods, that can help your hair
look fabulous and full bodied.


Your body lacking iron can sometimes be the cause of thinning hair, however it could also be due to other health conditions, too. Either way,…

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Jude Law’s hair loss is getting worse

Jude Law showed off his fairly advanced male pattern baldness at a press conference last week.

Law has made very little effort to cover up his fast-receding hair.

He has significant hair loss around his temples and now is left with a small 'island' of hair at the front of his hairline.

This will go in time, too, unless Jude takes action - either by…

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