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Jude Law’s male pattern baldness

New pictures have emerged of the Hollywood star Jude Law showing his male pattern baldness.

You can see the new pictures here:


Jude Law, at 42, is quite unusual when it comes to his hair loss.

He is still regularly cast in roles playing up his 'heart-throb' status, yet he makes no effort to disguise his receding hairline.

Other stars with similar…

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Calum Best has his third hair transplant at Crown Clinic

Crown clinic  and our surgeon Asim Shahmalak were back in the news last week.

We were lucky enough to attract lots of media coverage for our story about the model Calum Best's third - yes third - hair transplant at Crown Clinic. 

Calum had a follicular unit extraction procedure   - similar to the two hair transplants Wayne Rooney has had.

You can learn more…

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At what age do you have your best hair?

As we have explained in previous blogs, our hair transplant surgeon Asim Shahmalak is often asked interesting questions about people's hair.

One that comes up regularly is: at what age does your hair look its best?

We thought it would be fun to find out and did some fresh polling for Crown Clinic

The findings were interesting: women are happiest with their hair at 32,…

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Can stress make your hair go grey?

Our surgeon Asim Shahmalak at Crown Clinic is often asked questions about hair.

One of the most common is: does stress make your hair go grey?

The simple answer to this is: yes.

You only have to look at the experience of some of the most powerful men in the world to see how this is true.

Check out the link below to see…

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Prince William’s hair loss

Our surgeon Asim Shahmalak was contacted by the Daily Mail newspaper last week about Prince William's hair loss.

The Daily Mail had noticed just how advanced our future king's male pattern baldness was on his recent trip to America.

They asked Dr Shahmalak to give his verdict on various remedies to help with the Duke of Cambridge's baldness.

You can see just how bald he is…

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