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Prince Harry has inherited the royals’ baldness gene

There is a strong baldness gene which runs through the royal family.
From Prince Philip to Prince Charles and now to Prince William, you can see how the gene has been passed from grandfather, to father, to son.
And it appears that Prince Harry may also be going the same way.
Estimates suggest that more than 80% of cases of male pattern baldness are hereditary.

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Taking it on the chin…more men are having beard and sideburn transplants.

Increasing numbers of men are having beard or sideburn transplants to to copy the more hirsute look favoured by stars like Hugh Jackman and David Beckham.
Beards have never been more fashionable but research shows that almost half of men cannot grow a proper one.
As many as 45% of men complain that they have bald patches in their beard or sideburns, according to research at Crown…

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Big boom in celebrity hair transplants

You'll have read here in the last few months about the boom in celebrity hair transplants.

We are not just talking about the celebrities such as Christian Jessen and Calum Best who have come to Crown Clinic for their treatments.

But other stars like Robbie Williams have followed Wayne Rooney in making no secret of the fact that they have received help to treat their male pattern…

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Some Might Say That Liam Gallagher Is Going Bald

Oasis star Liam is showing signs of male pattern baldness, according to UK's leading hair loss expert

Crown Clinic's surgeon Asim Shahmalak said the singer was clearly receding around his temples.

You can see the noticeable hair loss in these new pictures of Liam:


Dr Shahmalak said: "Liam Gallagher is clearly losing his hair around his temples.
"He is showing obvious signs…

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Gordon Ramsay’s new hair transplant

New pictures of Gordon Ramsay attending Victoria Beckham's 40th birthday meal show that he has had a second hair transplant, according to Crown Clinic's surgeon Asim Shahmalak.
The back of Ramsay's hair had been shaved and he had red pin pricks at the bottom of his hairline as he left The Art Club in London's Dover Street last weekend.

The media so contacted Dr Shahmalak to find…

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