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More about Crown Clinic’s Asim Shahmalak

We are very proud of the world class service we provide at Crown Clinic.

The reason why we run one of the best hair transplant clinics in the world is our world class staff lead by our surgeon, the internationally respected Asim Shahmalak.

Dr Shahmalak's name is legendary in the hair transplant community - not just through his skill carrying out FUT (follicular unit…

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Crown Clinic surgeon Asim Shahmalak is Man of the Year

It was a proud week for Crown Clinic because our surgeon Asim Shahmalak was named as Man of the Year.

Dr Shahmalak won the award at the prestigious Fusion Awards which recognise outstanding achievements in the community.

Asim was unanimously voted Man of the Year because of his humanitarian work in Pakistan.

You can read more about the awards here:


Regular readers…

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Top five causes of hair loss

Top five causes of hair loss

1 Genes - male pattern baldness runs through families: if your father, uncle, grandfather or brother is bald, chances are you may end up losing your hair, too, if you are male. It is easily the most significant factor. You only have to see the strong family baldness gene when you look at the royal family - Prince Philip (grandfather), Prince Charles…

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Prince Harry’s hair loss

Prince Harry appeared to be showing slightly accelerated male pattern baldness  (MPB) in new pictures of him on his recent tour of New Zealand.

The 30-year-old royal's hair is thinning noticeably around the crown, as this image from Down Under shows clearly.

Harry is a long way behind his brother, Prince William, who has been losing his hair since his mid-20s and now has thinner hair than…

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Lulu is Britain’s most ever-green female star

We've been doing some more research at Crown Clinic. We thought it would be fun to look at how our favourite celebrities are ageing and who looks the best as the years roll on. We specifically asked which stars looked youngest in the way they dressed and wore their hair.

The findings were fascinating - with Lulu winning the female poll and Paul McCartney wearing the male…

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