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Guide to eyebrow transplants

Key points about eyebrow transplant surgery

Crown Clinic's surgeon Asim Shahmalak is one of the few surgeons in the UK carrying out eyebrow transplants.
The operation was pioneered in America and Mr Shahmalak brought it to the UK six years ago.
Since then he has performed the procedure on many women. The main reason women come to him is because  they have wrecked…

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Popular questions about female hair loss

About 10% of our clients at Crown Clinic are female patients. This is because hair loss in women is far more common than many people think.

We have also pioneered new treatments at Crown Clinic which are predominently used by women such eyebrow and eyelash transplants. 

Here our surgeon Asim Shahmalak  answers some of the most popular questions we get about female hair loss.

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Booming numbers of soccer stars are going for hair transplants

Crown Clinic was back in the media this week with the story of our client, Didi Hamann's hair transplant.

This story was picked up in print and online by the Daily Star Sunday newspaper. You can see a picture of the story here along with a picture of Didi and our briliant surgeon Asim Shahmalak.


The Star picked up on this new release from…

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Why are so many footballers having hair transplants?

Everyone knows that Wayne Rooney has had two hair transplants to restore his thinning locks.

The England captain favoured the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique where individual hair follicles are harvested from the donor and moved to an area of the scalp where the patient is balding. Crown Clinc patient Calum Best used the same method for his three hair transplants with our surgeon…

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Two-thirds of women give their lover the brush off when choosing a new hairstyle

We've been doing some fresh research for Crown Clinic - looking at what influences people before they change their hairstyle.

We want to see what drives men to seek a hair transplant -  either a FUT or a FUE procedure?

It is obvious from our poll that their wife or girlfriend can be a key factor in encouraging men to come forward. Read the full…

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