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Why are so many footballers having hair transplants?

Everyone knows that Wayne Rooney has had two hair transplants to restore his thinning locks.

The England captain favoured the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique where individual hair follicles are harvested from the donor and moved to an area of the scalp where the patient is balding. Crown Clinc patient Calum Best used the same method for his three hair transplants with our surgeon…

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Two-thirds of women give their lover the brush off when choosing a new hairstyle

We've been doing some fresh research for Crown Clinic - looking at what influences people before they change their hairstyle.

We want to see what drives men to seek a hair transplant -  either a FUT or a FUE procedure?

It is obvious from our poll that their wife or girlfriend can be a key factor in encouraging men to come forward. Read the full…

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Some of the best celebrity hair transplants

This excellent piece on the news website Buzzfeed about some of the best-known celebrity hair transplants is well worth a read.


Researchers gathered together before and after pictures of 42 male stars who appear to have undergone procedures.

I say 'appear' because many of the stars have yet to acknowledge they have ever received help with their hair.

Thankfully, lots of other stars…

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Cricket stars who have had treatment for hair loss

At Crown Clinic, we hugely enjoyed England's triumph in the first test of the Ashes series in Cardiff last week.

Alastair Cook's team batted and bowled superby and confounded expectations by easily defeating the over-confident Australians.

Here is hoping for more of the same when the second test starts at Lords tomorrow.

Cricketers have a long history of receiving help with their hair and having…

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Cycling hero’s hair loss

Chris Froome is one of Britain's greatest ever cyclists.

Along with Bradley Wiggins and many of our Olympic champions in the Velodrome, he has really put cycling on the map in this country.

He won the Tour de France in 2013 and is back in a leading position in this year's race after being forced to retire from the race last year through injury.

Like a…

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