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Big rise in the number of men having hair transplants

There has been a big rise in the number of men having hair transplants.

Figures from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons revealed that the number of men undergoing plastic surgery has more than doubled in the past decade - rising from 2,440 in 2005 to 4,614 in 2015.

These figures include a number of surgical procedures including facelifts, eyelid surgery and liposuction to remove fat…

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Hair transplants are on the rise in younger men

On average, around a quarter of men will be showing some evidence of androgenetic alopecia - also known as male pattern baldness - by the time they are 25.

By the aged of 35 this figures has grown to 40%. And around half of men will be dealing with significantly thinning hair by the time they turn 50.

It is little wonder that hair transplants are on…

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Kylie Minogue’s fiance gets a hair transplant

It has been reported that Kylie Minogue's fiance, the actor Joshua Sasse, has undergone a hair transplant.

Both the Sun and the Mail Online are reporting that the British star, 29, underwent the procedure ahead of his wedding to the Australian singer.

You can read about the news here:


Around one in five men start losing their hair in their 20s.

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Going grey ages women twice as fast as men, according to new research by Crown Clinic

Crown Clinic released the findings of its new survey last week.

It revealed how going grey ages women twice as fast as men.

It received some great coverage including the main story on page three of the Daily Mail newspaper. 


One interesting point emerged from our findings: that women are far more concerned about the effect of going grey than men.

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Why does our hair go grey?

Asim Shahmalak, hair transplant surgeon at Crown Clinic and hair loss expert on the Channel 4 medical show Embarrassing Bodies, on going grey. 

Why do we go grey?

Asim Shahmalak said: "Cells called Melanocytes produce the melanin, or pigment, that gives both hair and skin its colour. Hair goes grey when the melanocytes slow down their production of melanin, and eventually they stop producing it…

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